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And To Give Paying Customers The Service They Want...

And to give paying customers the service they richly deserve. Take-it-or-leave-it isn't our way of doing business. But if you don't buy on this occasion, we know you'll be back sometime. Even if it's only because you enjoy being called 'sir' or 'madam'. Of course, we'd use pictures of the furniture, along with descriptions and pricetags. It strike me, too, that the headline works well, once adapted, for the curtains, carpets and so on.

THE REASON WE DON'T SELL CHEAP CARPETS IS THAT THEY'RE LIABLE TO BE EXPENSIVE What about a pay-off? One that tells both the service and the civilized shopping story. Something in this area looks apt: Smith and Jones.

For an old-fashioned thing called service. That's far enough on furniture. We've another new client eager to see what we can do for him.

He happens to be the chairman of a committee of fitted kitchen manufacturers. These people are unhappy about the state of the trade. It has a bad reputation for shoddy workmanship; for jacking up the quoted price in the middle of a job; and for going bust without warning - with customers' deposits tucked away in their banks.

Quite sensibly, the committee has set up a kind of consumer protection (trade protection?) organization, consisting of a number of selected firms. The organization backs their work and bails them out in the event of financial problems. What we have been asked to do is tell those potential fitted kitchen customers, via the national press, that 1 The organization exists, and 2 That it undertakes to be a guarantor of good workmanship and fair-play. Who are they? The Kitchen Specialists Association.

How shall we tackle it. Well, we can be as forthright as we wish. The only people we are likely to upset are the bad lads.

THIS NEW CONSUMER PROTECTION ORGANIZATION WAS FORMED BY A BUNCH OF COWBOYS That queue may be a little too rich for the client's blood. We'll tone it down somewhat. WE'RE HERE TO STOP THINGS BOILING OVER IN YOUR KITCHEN All right, take your choice. Now let's progress through the copy. First, an opener to suggest that we have sympathy for the customer: When you employ a firm to install your new fitted kitchen, you expect them to do exactly that.

You don't need excuses about availability of parts. You don't want them to put up the price half-way through.

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You Certainly Don't Expect Them To Go Bust...read more

You certainly don't expect them to go bust at your considerable expense. Wait for it: In short, you don't need cowboys.

And now for the service: ...

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