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Both Lines Express The Same Sentiments, More Or Less...

Both lines express the same sentiments, more or less; yet they are petitioning manifestly different characters. Nothing to do with up-market or downmarket, since both subjects are well-heeled.

They're just psychologically different. Number one responds to snob-appeal, while number two likes to be titillated. Awareness of these fractional differences in a given market is not merely desirable, it's mandatory.

Knowing how to reach each is likewise. i TAKE IT YOU'RE NOT ALL THAT KEEN? Perhaps it's time we went into copy in depth.

Very well, I now propose to talk about copy construction - phrasing and style. Then we'll set ourselves a few hypothetical briefs and write sufficient copy to satisfy them. Later in the chapter, I'll devise some extra, chimerical briefs, but without providing immediate answers to them. This ought to give you a good opportunity to try out what you've picked up.

My own efforts appear towards the end of the book. Are you on? Fine. In constructing copy, you are at liberty to take liberties with the language. Sentences need not be true sentences in the grammatical sense. Just so long as they communicate, it matters not what you call them.

Get used to writing short, sharp sentences (non-noun clauses, if you like - you'll see what I mean shortly) consisting of the absolute minimum of words. Because the shorter and punchier the elements, the easier they are to absorb, and the more powerful the message. As a for instance, here's what an uninitiated electronics expert suggested we should say about his latest brain-child a microcomputer for the home - in a popular computer magazine: The new Ipad is endowed with a 10284K bytes memory and employs the very latest techniques in MSX, omnilanguage technology.

Moreover, the MSX feature allows infinite and on-going inter-changeability of programs, cassettes and even peripherals, such as disk-drives and joy-sticks, with other machines. I strongly suspect that even a computer wizard, up to his eyes in bytes and joy-sticks, would find that little lot pretty hard going. Now here's what we did for the re-write: Meet the Ipaf.

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