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One Loud Language...

It's got a big 2mb memory. And one-language MSX. So you can trade programs and CDs with any other MSX. You can do the same with disk-drives and joy-sticks, too. Note that the sentences are technically clauses which have been given sentence status. To write in this fashion, all you have to do is find a natural break in a given sentence - one that would normally be indicated by a comma - and drop in a full-point instead. The idea, as we've said, is to write easy-on-the-eye material that will be rapidly digested.

All ads start life with the same basic problem; the audience has little or no interest in reading them. On top of that, they have to overcome the clamorous opposition of dozens more ads in the same publication. Furthermore, an ad has a limited amount of space in which to express itself. (Even a full-page space is a limited space.) This is no real problem for the professional writer. He will deliver the message no matter how small the allocated space.

The real secret is self-discipline and economy of words. How are these attributes achieved? Only one way: by constant practice.

In the early days, everything you produce will be far too long. Thus, you must go through the work and edit unmercifully - cut every extraneous thought, delete every irrelevant word until the piece is reduced to manageable and useable proportions.

That done, you should write a second version; the difference being in the phrasing, rather than in the product detail. Now compare the two.

You will see that bits of the first sit more comfortably in the second, and per contra. So the answer is to knock out a third piece, using the best lines from both.

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