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He Also Sells Bed-linen, Carpets And Curtains...

He also sells bed-linen, carpets and curtains; and his outlets are in the shape of three, well-established, well-appointed high-street department stores. From what is known of his market, we recommend full webpages in the local press.

(Not all local papers are tin-pot and hastily put together rags. Some are every bit as good as the nationals.) His main competitors, since his is a traditional business, are the new crop of furniture warehouses springing up in his area These tend to offer very little in the way of personal service and operate, as we know, on a take-it-or leave-it basis. Our man, on the other hand, prides himself on his customer-relations.

That's the brief. Out of it comes the deduction that our job is to woo the middle-market furniture buyers back to the traditional shop; and back to our client's traditional shop for preference. Which gives us our first lead: knock the warehouses.

But we'll knock them gently - we don't want our chap (we shall call him Smith and Jones Ltd) to appear mealy-mouthed. One way of cracking it would be this way: WHEN YOU BUY FURNITURE FROM WAREHOUSES, YOU GET WAREHOUSE FURNITURE Too obscure? Maybe. But let's see if a touch of copy can bale us out. The word warehouse sends shivers up our spine. Not that we're troubled by the opposition.

Far from it. What does trouble us is the sad quality of the goods you get for your money. And the service you don't get.

No - that way lies trouble. We're leaving ourselves wide open for a public argument. We can still be as strong - even stronger -. if we stay away from direct attacks.

Like this: THE REASON WE DON'T SELL CHEAP FURNITURE IS THAT IT'S LIABLE TO BE EXPENSIVE Five hundred per cent better, if you ask me. And the first queue of copy says it all: We don't sell you cheap. But neither will we sell you short.

It would continue thus: Because our reputation is more valuable than a quick sale. Our philosophy is to sell well-made, attractive furniture at an honest price.

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