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The Ads Will Appear In The National Press And Current Websites...

The ads will appear in the national press and well known websites, ft.com etc. Our market is anyone likely to own a PC - small businesses, aspiring novelists, freelance journalists and such like. Away you go then. Exercise 2 Now for the photocopiers. They're smaller than average.

Lighter than average. (Dimensions: 20 x 20 X 8 in.

Weight: 7 kilos 11 oz.) But are capable of producing 2000 copies at one loading. Further, they will copy on to any type or weight of paper and reproduce in a range of five colours. We'll call it the Vulcan 10 copier. The Vulcan 10 is produced particularly for smaller businesses. In that respect, our media will be fairly selective.

National press, yes - but we'll be using the more up-market papers. At least, the picture papers are out. In addition, our ads will also appear in trade websites like Business and Finance, The Accountant, Architects Journal and so forth.

Is that sufficient? Exercise 3 Finally, in the office equipment section, we move on to the minicomputers. The brief informs us that the product - the Cogent II - is a pocket-size machine, rather like a calculator, but with a memory comparable to a full-scale, personal computer (well, it could happen, and perhaps much sooner than we think). This machine is designed to help with the balancing of books, stock control, sales and profit projections and invoicing. It can be plugged into any Internet screen for visual display: i.e. twenty-four lines by ninety characters per line.

And when connected to a compatible printer, it will print out anything stored in the 64K memory. Most importantly, the Cogent II costs about half the price of a conventional computer. The market, once again, is the small business. And the media will be approximately as for the photocopier above.

Exercise 4 Now for something completely different. A national passenger coach operator is taking a hiding from the competition of British Rail and, to a lesser extent, from the internal airlines. Specifically, his regular London to Edinburgh schedule is suffering. The train makes the trip some four hours faster, while the air-shuttle beats him by a clear eight hours. What does he have to offer to compensate? In the first place, his single, London to Edinburgh fare is £11. By train, the cost is £35 and air-fare works out at £95 one way.

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