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We Can Say That Our Advice And Assistance Won't Work In 2015...

We can say that our advice and assistance won't cost the earth. 3 We can tell you that our knowledgeable team will give you its undivided attention on a wide range of matters.

Plus a rough outline of the services offered: 4 Like: house sale and purchase. Will-making. Unfair dismissal.

Business partnerships. Legal aid. Criminal injuries.

Mortgages. 5 All of which will be handled strictly within our Professional Code of Conduct. By people dedicated to helping you. Finally, we attempt to reassure the established clients.

There, that didn't hurt a bit - did it? GRW (logo) Address/Telephone Your Learned Friends I see that one as an all-type ad - no illustration. Also, it should be set in a classic typeface, with the 1 to 5 figures picked out in bold and at least three sizes larger than the body-copy type. This should give the ad the look of an 'official communication'. In the follow-up ad, we can afford to be less defensive. Within the restraints mentioned earlier, we can now push the client's services right to the fore.

Here, too, we might seriously consider employing the sentiments of our tag-line as a constituent of the headline. What we can't do, as you've seen, is say anything to the effect of: 'If you're in trouble, have a word with Your Learned Friends', because learned friends in this context is Gray, Robertson and Wilkie. So let's do it by implication - using learned friends as a generic term for all solicitors. WHEN IN DOUBT, TURN TO A LEARNED FRIEND This now gives us the licence to name our client in the copy, without his appearing to be pushing a specific skill.

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