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His Return Fare Is £(v) So He's Cheap...

(His return fare is £(v) So he's considerably cheaper. Next, he operates the route twice a day, every day, using super-luxury coaches which make passenger stops throughout the London/Edinburgh suburbs - in and out.

The coaches have reclining seats, personal lighting and heating systems, and plenty of leg-room. The major drawback is the nine solid hours of travelling involved.

Our market appears to be: students, low-ranking servicemen, and middle-to-low income groups generally. For the sake of this exercise, we are handling the London end of things only. In which case, the media will be local London papers and London editions of the nationals. I suppose we had better give this company a name.

How about Trans-National Coaches? Good idea. Before you give all of that a whirl, maybe a small tip is in order. Some copywriters are methodical.

Some aren't. Many carry all the ingredients of a brief in their heads and work extempore, so to speak.

Many can't. If you're among the latter, it will help if you note the various points under a series of headings.

Taking the case of the Z60 PC mentioned earlier, a briefing aid will look something like the chart below. A word about the layout of printed copy. There are many schools of thought; and a dozen different house-styles.

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