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When They Need Help, Most People Turn To A Mate...

When they need help, most people turn to a friend. A knowledgeable friend. Someone whose opinion they value.

And that's exactly what you'll find at Gray, Robertson and Wilkie. Now that everyone knows who we are talking about, we outline his services - which, quite obviously, could be claimed by any solicitor: Our knowledgeable team can provide advice, and very real assistance, on a wide variety of legal matters. From house sale and purchase.

To drawing up a will. From representation in court.

To settling a dispute with a neighbour. From arranging a mortgage. To drawing up business partnership agreements. Plus a kicker for those who may not be able to afford a solicitor: And if you qualify for Legal Aid, our services are absolutely free.

And the pay-off: So when you're in any doubt at all, turn to a learned friend. GRW (logo) Address/Telephone Your Learned Friends As far as I know, this copy sticks to the letter of the Law Society law - just. Yet there's little doubt that a good prosecuting barrister could take it apart comma by comma and prove me embarrassingly wrong. One must accept these things; but I have a special plea which should make interesting reading once reporting restrictions are lifted. The client is a solicitor and I took his advice on all matters.

Talking of whom - what about the smaller reminder ads? And why shouldn't we have some fun with these? Picture the following. The ad space is 15 cm x 3 columns. We shall make three.

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