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What about the market? It's made up of advertisement and industrial people: office managers, accountants, architects, engineers, solicitors - you name it. But in my experience, the last thing they want to know about is photocopiers. Why? Well, office equipment is a very competitive growth industry; and our audience is bombarded with ads, mailers and phone calls of and about copiers nigh on every day of the week.

That's the brief- what do you make of it? What I make of it is this. 1 The first problem is to tell the market that Bradley sells the well-known Transcript copier. 2 We must inform them that Bradley is only too glad to turn out at any reasonable time to put things right in the unlikely event of a Transcript going wrong. 3 His unit prices and contract-maintenance prices are no cheaper than the next man's. His maintenance service may - just may - be somewhat more reliable.

(That's what he tells us, anyway. But that's what they all tell us.) As far as USPs go, Transcript doesn't have one. Neither, in all honesty, does Bradley; but we can get around it. All right, let's put a few thoughts on paper. (Come on, you're in this, too.) Initially, we'd better jettison all the daft thoughts like: 'Taking out contracts on you' and 'We've got you covered'. Having done so, consider exactly what's implied in a maintenance contract.

First, if you don't have one, you presumably either go in for do-it-yourself servicing, or call the nearest copier engineer and hope he doesn't keep you waiting for a fortnight before he turns up. Second, if you do have one, but one that isn't as good as it could be, you might just as well do-it-yourself. So reflect on this: if you maintain the copier yourself, or have an indifferent servicing method, you'll very likely own a do-it-yourself manual. Nice thought; let's have a picture of a manual. Now for a queue to go with it.

What about: IF YOU DON'T USE A TRANSCRIPT COPIER, YOU COULD PROBABLY USE THIS A reasonable enough idea, but it would be better if we could imply that a Transcript needs less maintenance, thus suggesting that a Bradley maintenance contract works out cheaper. This, of course, would be spelled out in the body copy. So: IS YOUR COPIER ENGINEER SPENDING MORE TIME ON IT THAN YOUR SECRETARY? I'm not mad about it.

In any case, there must be some way we can steal a march on the opposition by putting Bradley's name into the headline. Therefore, let's have a go at: IF YOUR SECRETARY COMPLAINS ABOUT YOUR TRANSCRIPT SERVICING, CHANGE TO BRADLEY IF SHE STILL COMPLAINS CHANGE YOUR SECRETARY It will do at a pinch; and it says everything we want to say. It implies that Bradley gives a better service, and that he does so on Transcript.

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