Art History Art History

Art history information portal with information on artists, time periods, art styles, and more.

The Art History Archive

Serves as a library of information about different artistic movements, art groups and specific artists.

Art History Network

Art history resource offering listings of and information on various art schools and galleries in the United States.

Art History Resources

Compilation of links to resources and information on art history, from prehistoric to contemporary.

Art in the Picture

Online guide to art history; includes a gallery of paintings as well as links to related resources.

Art Magick

Online gallery dedicated to the continual quest of seeking out obscure 19th century artists and long-forgotten painting. Covers mostly Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist movements.


Virtual gallery of classic to modern paintings and sculptures. With critiques, reviews, and links to other related sites.


Information network for art history. Presents reviews and discussion logs. arthist

Online resource serving as a virtual catalog for art history.

Collection of art exhibits that can be viewed and appreciated online.

Asia Art

History of Asian art, its artists, and art links. Covers Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Delineavit et Sculpsit

Non-commercial organization devoted to Dutch and Flemish Old master prints and drawings.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Art history resource funded by the Heilbrunn Foundation, New Tamarind Foundation, and the Zodiac Fund. Also presents thematic essays.

The Italians: Three Centuries of Italian Art 1500-1800

Archive of an exhibition covering Italian art.

Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation

Collection of images of art objects and essays devoted to Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, European civilizations.

Mona Lisa Mania

With her own room at the Louvre, this painting continues to inspire and mystify art lovers. Portal offers Mona art, Mona poetry, and a Mona kids room.

Orazio Centaro’s Art Images on the Web

Features an online catalogue of art pieces from Great Masters of the arts.


Multimedia web-based art history textbook on times, styles, and artists.

Web Museum Famous Artworks Exhibition

Image gallery sorted by time period and style.

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