Movies Studios

Castle Rock Entertainment

Warner Brothers subsidiary. Site provides information on the current and previous movies produced.

Century Fox Corporation

Major American film studios located in the Century City area of Los Angeles, California.

Focus Features

Specialty film unit of Universal Pictures. Site presents media guides, trailers, and information on upcoming movies.

Imagine Entertainment

Beverly Hills based studio. Site provides information on upcoming releases and the company's founders.


Independent film and television distribution company based in Santa Monica, California.

Miramax Cafe

Walt Disney Co. owned film outfit responsible for the release of the movies Cold Mountain, Kill Bill, Spy Kids, and Frida.

New Line Cinema

Sister company of HBO best known for the top grossing film Lord of the Rings. Site provides news and information on upcoming movies.

Revelations Entertainment

Morgan Freeman's independent production company. Site presents news, contacts, and information on projects and events.

RKO Pictures

Long-running move studio Los Angeles, California responsible for various classics like "Citizen Kane" and "It's a Wonderful Life.".

Serendipity Point Films

Overview of the studio with founders' bios, contacts, and information on the films produced.

Smokin Mirrors

Official studio website presents music videos, a slideshow gallery, information on projects, and related links.

Sony Pictures

Updates, guides, and other information related to Sony Pictures movies. With previews and clips.

Spyglass Entertainment

American film and television production company's homepage provides information on upcoming and recent releases, pat projects, and contacts.

Universal Pictures

Providing information on upcoming and recently shown movies. With trailers and movie website links.

View Askew

Film production company created by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Site contains news as well as information on produced films.

Warner Bros. Studios

Official website provides information on the movies produced, games, and other related information and guides.

Wheelhouse Entertainment

Film production company known for the movies "We Were Soldiers," "Braveheart," and "Pearl Harbor.".

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