TV Commercials

Ad Tunes

Information about music from commercials, TV shows and video games.


News, information, and opinions on commercials and commercial culture.

Offers streaming videos of popular television commercials.

Burke Family Grape-Nuts TV Commercial, 1968-70

Provides a glimpse into the shooting of commercials that use real people. With multimedia, photos, pop-culture archives, messages, links and history.


Offers a collection of current advertisements and television commercials from the past.

Coca-Cola Television Advertisements

Contains information on the ads and an archive of old advertisements.

Commercials I Hate

Features webmaster rants and visitor rankings of annoying commercials.

Duncan's TV Ad Land

Reviews on various television ads, commercials, adverts, and online videos.


Online archive featuring clips, articles, and forums related to the intellectual property and the advertising industry.

Informercial Evaluator

Thoughts and comments on a variety of infomercials.


Presents video clips of famous Western celebrities in Japanese commercial.

Retro Junk

Collection of 1980s retro TV commercials, movie trailers, and theme songs.

Retro TV

Contents include collection of old commercials from the 70's and 80's, filled with the A-Team and Knight Rider, with Autobots and Decepticons (or GI Joe and Cobra).

Return Of Infomercials

Contents include an article that inspects claims prepared by infomercials.

Official website of the advertising magazine with video clips, an advertising directory, news, and an online store.


Identifies the music used in television commercials.

The Spec Spot

Commercial production information and reviews.

TV Hades

Large collection of commercials from the eighties.

Unofficial Noid Homepage

Noid advocacy group seeking to promote the Noid and unite his fans.


Video archive of television commercial from the seventies to the present.


Large archive of television commercials with rankings from site visitors.

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