TV Theme Songs

'80s TV Theme SuperSite

Collection of classic American TV theme tunes sorted by genre, including action and drama, comedy, commercials, and game shows.

Classic Television: Images and Theme Songs

Offers alphabetical collection of five decades of theme songs, MP3 and WAVs, for free download. Includes CD purchase options.

Classic TV Theme Songs and Lyrics

Shares theme songs, intro videos, and show specifics from decades of popular TV shows. Some include lyrics.

Featuring light classic music from the TV and radio shows of the 1930s through the mid 1960s.

Matt's TV Theme Songs Page

Features MIDI files of theme songs from sitcoms, dramas, cartoons, and scifi shows from several decades.

Posts a variety of classic television themes and jingles. Also features related news, polls, and a theme quiz.

Paste: The 40 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

Explores theme music from all TV genres, with descriptions, writers, and videos.

Theme songs information and audio clips representing TV music from the past and the present.

TV Cream

Downloadable TV themes from classic UK, US, Australian, and European shows.

TV Tunes Online

Provides television song information and lyrics. Also offers online trivia games and TV related news and resources.

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