Investment Money Managers

Advance Investments Limited

Provides advice to both individuals and companies on all aspects of financial planning.

Advisor Partners

Creates comprehensive investment portfolios and manages client accounts on behalf of the professional investment advisor.

Albion Financial Group

An investment management and financial advisory firm.

Altruist Financial Advisors LLC

A fee-only financial planning and portfolio management firm.

Ancora Advisors

Independent investment managers providing wealth management strategies including fixed income, value equities, and mutual funds.

Appel Financial Group

Provides managed account financial services to qualified high net worth clients.

Ariba GLB Asset Management, Inc.

An independent fee-based investment advisor to individuals, pensions and trusts.

Atlantic Financial

Wealth management and private banking services for individuals and corporations.

AXA Investment Managers

Investment managers offering investment and financial advice. Services include asset management, specialist fixed income, global equities, hedge fund products and more.


An employee-owned investment firm serving institutions and private investors.

Baker Ellis Asset Management LLC

Provides discretionary investment management services to high-net-worth individuals, institutions and non-profit organizations.

Baker Street Advisors Group

Providing customized wealth management solutions to financially successful individuals and families.

Barclays Wealth Management

UK based company offering individually tailored wealth management services.

Barrett Capital Management, LLC

Provides asset management and investment advisory services to the high net worth investment community.

Bartlett & Co.

Provides high net worth investment advisory services, asset management, custom portfolios and investment education.

Bell Capital Management, Inc.

Providing investment strategies to institutions, financial advisors, corporations, and individuals.

Bernstein Investment Research and Management

Manages investments for private families and individuals, as well as providing investment research and institutional asset management.

Bills Asset Management

A registered investment advisor specializing in providing full time professional money management services in managing portfolios of no-load mutual funds and providing allocation services for CREF accounts.

Caleb Lawrence Registered Investment Advisor Inc.

Offering traditional investment brokerage services involving stocks, bonds, mutual funds.

Cambridge Appleton Trust

Offers individuals, businesses, and foundations trust and investment management services.

Capital Group Companies

Investment management firm handles assets for an international group of individuals, corporate, and institutional investors.

Capital Ideas, Inc.

A professional investment advisory firm managing the assets of individuals, families, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, endowments, foundations, and retirement plans.

Capital Performance Advisors

Services include thorough historic performance analysis, complete portfolio and investment policy development, diversified asset allocation, and comprehensive performance measurement and monitoring.

Cardinal Capital Management Inc.

A capital management company investing for individuals, institutions, trusts, profit sharing plans and others.

Carmel Capital L.L.C.

An independent registered investment advisor firm managing discretionary common stock portfolios applying strict value criteria and specializes in small capitalization equities.

Carnegie Capital Asset Management Company

Provides investment management, foundations/endowment and retirement plan service, wealth optimization to individuals, foundations, endowments and other institutions.

Carr & Associates

Specialized in the management of individual portfolios of high grade convertible securities and offers customized management of fixed income portfolios.

Cascade Investment Group, Inc.

Offering investment financial planning, portfolio management, tax advisors, retirement plans.

Condor Capital Management

Fee-based asset management, financial planning, retirement planning, risk management and estate planning.

DAL Investment Company

Uses noload mutual funds to professionally manage investment portfolios for clients.

Dare Capital Management

An independent, fee-only registered investment advisor firm offering asset management services and planning assistance on a variety of topics.


Provides strategic financial solutions to individuals and corporations through a wide range of complementary services.

Dominion Partners

Providing a full range of merger and acquisition advisory services.

Drake Management

An SEC registered investment advisor specializing in active fixed income strategies.

Draupnir LLC

A private operating and holding company specializing in innovative, well-managed companies which provide high-value products and exceptional customer service.

Dresner Financial Planning

Specializes in advising and being an advocate for clergy and their family in all financially related issues.

DS Bross Financial Advisory

A fee-only, personal, tax and financial advisory firm.

Eads & Heald Investment Counsel

Professional investment portfolio management, advice and counsel for ERISA accounts, pension plans, profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, IRA's, family limited partnerships, trust accounts, and taxable portfolios.

Eagle Global Advisors, LLC

A S.E.C. Registered investment advisor actively managing investment portfolios containing domestic equity, international equity, master limited partnerships, and domestic fixed income securities.

Earnest Partners

Offers equity investment products including large cap, mid cap and small cap as well as fixed income products.

Efficient Market Advisors, LLC

Provides investors with an account that seeks to maximize investment performance given the investor’s time horizon and willingness to accept risk.

ELCO Management Company, LLC

Offers investment solutions for high net worth individuals and institutions.

Emerald Capital Management

Providing affluent investors and prestigious institutions fee only investment advice, specialized in asset management using quantitative methods to optimize portfolios of domestic stocks.

Emerson Investment Management, Inc.

Offers a combination of market insight, common sense, and personal service to individuals, families and trusts; pension and profit-sharing plans.

Evanson Asset Management

Specializing in index and passive management, low cost, fixed annual retainer fees.

F.L.Putnam Investment Management Company

An independent firm that provides a comprehensive range of personalized investment management services.

Farr, Miller & Washington LLC

Providing conservative long-term portfolio management to individuals and institutions in the Washington, D.C. Area.

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management

Resources for institutional clients, including publications, research, news, and market updates.

Fiduciary Capital Management, Inc.

Focuses on the discretionary portfolio management of fixed income and GICs for defined contribution retirement plans, including 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans.

Fiduciary Financial Services of the Southwest

Provides a blend of investment, retirement, tax and estate planning services.

Fiduciary Management Associates, LLC

Manages separate account portfolios for a national client base that includes public funds, taft-hartley funds, corporate pension funds, charitable organizations, high net worth individuals.

Fieldstone Financial Management Group

A specialized financial planning and investment advisory firm that works with people on the doorstep of retirement, and those already retired.

Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC

A real estate equity firm serving institutional investors and high net worth individuals, principally in high yield structured real estate investments.

Financial & Investment Management Advisors, Inc.

An independent fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm.

GA Bishop and Associates

Provides unbiased financial advice and coaching to people from all walks of life.

Global Trends Investments

A registered investment advisor working with individual and corporate clients, providing the personal service needed to build investment portfolios.

Gluskin Sheff

An independent investment firm that manages portfolios of two million dollars or more to high net worth investors, including entrepreneurs, professionals, family trusts, private charitable foundations, and estates.

Gold Leaf Capital Management, Inc.

A registered investment advisory firm specializing in lower risk investment strategies.

Gould Asset Management

Offers versatile expertise across a wide range of disciplined investment strategies to high-net-worth individuals and small-to-medium sized institutions.

Grayeli Inc.

Offering comprehensive financial planning and investment services.

Greenberg Financial Group

Provides fee based money management, at a reasonable fee, to individuals and institutions with definable goals.

Haberer Registered Investment Advisor, Inc.

Offering a full range of investment and wealth management services for individuals, families, and businesses.

Haven Capital Management LLC

Offers investment management services to institutions and individuals.


A wealth management practice that serves ultra-affluent individuals and families.

Heron Capital Management, Inc.

Providing fully managed investment services to a variety of clients including individuals, trusts, pension funds, 401K plans and corporations.

Hester Capital Management

A professional investment advisory firm managing the assets of private individuals, families, trusts and estates, charitable organizations, endowments and foundations, retirement plans, and public funds.

HGK Asset Management

Asset management is the company’s only business and its investment style is consistently value oriented and risk averse.

Horizon Investment Services LLC

Offers various types of investment advisory services.

Independence Investments LLC

Worldwide institutional asset manager specializing in equity solutions.

Independent Fiduciary Services

An investment advisory firm providing investment advisory services to all institutional investors.

Individual Asset Management

Provides portfolio management, financial planning, and financial consulting services to individuals and small businesses on a discretionary or consultative basis.

Innovative Investment Advisors

Offering comprehensive financial planning and investment services.

Investment Analytics

Provides independent research focusing on applications of sophisticated financial engineering techniques to problems of financial model development and validation, strategy development, performance analysis and risk management.

Investment Compliance, Inc.

Provides regulatory compliance support and planned onsite internal audits as registered investment advisors out of New York City.

Investor Advisory Group

A fee-based registered investment advisor firm.

Investor Solutions

An independent, fee-only investment management firm specializing in low cost, tax sensitive, low risk, globally diversified investments for our clients' portfolios.

Investors Asset Management, Inc.

Provides financial advice to individual investors.

Ironman Financial

Specializes in retirement planning, investing and all types of insurance products.

J. Zechner Associates Inc.

Manages money for pension funds, institutions and mutual fund companies, family trusts, endowments and high net worth individuals.

J.E. Wilson Advisors

A fee-only financial planning firm providing clients with objective and independent financial solutions.

James Pappas Investment Counsel

Registered investment adviser, providing conservative investment guidance to individuals, iras, pension and profit sharing plans, corporations, trusts and charities.

Jamison, Eaton & Wood, Inc.

An independent investment management firm providing high quality, personalized investment services to individual investors, retirement plans, foundations, endowments, taft-hartley funds and corporate investors.

Janiczek & Company, Ltd.

Offering comprehensive wealth management for individuals and families with $1 million to $100 million in investable assets.

Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited

Managing pension funds, pooled funds, endowment funds, corporate and private portfolios for clients in North America and Europe.

Johnston Investment Counsel

An investment management, investment consulting, and comprehensive financial planning, firm that is a registered investment advisor.

JWA Financial Group, Inc.

Provides comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services.

Kaizen Wealth Management

Provides comprehensive wealth management services for professionals, corporate executives, business owners, erisa plans, charitable organizations, and other affluent clients.

Kanaly Company

Providing clients with financial planning and management assistance.

Keane Capital Management

A private investment management firm providing alternative investments (hedge funds) for accredited investors and qualified purchasers.

Ken Fisher

Features information and resources from Ken Fisher, money manager, author, Forbes columnist and CEO of Fisher Investments.

Kessler Companies, Inc.

An SEC registered investment advisor specializes in the research and analysis of economic trends, securities, and related financial markets.

Koehler Financial Services, Inc.

A full service financial planning and registered investment advisory firm, offering financial planning, money management, investment management and consulting services to individuals, corporations, retirement plans, foundations and endowments.

Kooman & Associates, Inc.

An independent financial services firm offering serious investors a full range of financial and estate services.

Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC

An independent money management firm registered as an investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Kunlun Capital

Value oriented and fundamentally driven investment management firm. We seek to invest in Asian equities trading below their intrinsic value.

Laidlaw Group, LLC

A SEC registered investment advisor specializing in domestic equities.

The Lam Group, Inc.

Specializes in providing investment advice and management for taxable high-net worth individuals, as well as providing consulting services for foundations, endowments and select institutions.

Lang Asset Management, Inc.

Experienced portfolio manager specializing in serving investors seeking either to profit from a protracted equity market decline or preserve capital via a unique AAA and AA bond management approach.

Lawrence Capital Management

A small, private organization committed solely to managing the assets for a limited number of clients.

Lee Overlay Partners Limited

A specialised investment management firm, dedicated exclusively to external active currency overlay for institutional investors.

Legacy Capital Management, Inc.

Provides comprehensive wealth management services to help high net worth individuals, families, and select charitable organizations achieve their financial goals.

Legg Mason Capital Management

Manages assets for clients around the globe including corporations, public funds, governments, endowments and foundations.

Litman/Gregory Asset Management LLC

Provides investment management services to individuals, family groups, non-profits and institutions.

Lodestar Investment Counsel, LLC

An investment company providing customized professional money management.

Diversified financial services company meets the needs of individuals as well as advisors at every stage of their careers.

Maas Capital Advisors, LLC

An independent, fee-only financial advisory practice providing clients with integrated financial planning and investment management advice.

MacKellar & Associates

Provides products and services for both individuals and businesses throughout the United States.

Main Street Research LLC

Provideds investment and wealth management expertise to a limited number of individuals and institution.

Marathon Strategic Advisors, LLC

Specializes in developing, implementing, and maintaining investment portfolios for individual investors (including IRAs), corporations (including 401(k)s and pensions), trusts, estates, and charitable organizations.

Marshall Capital Corporation

Free mutual fund newsletter, includes mutual fund advice, investment articles, market timing signals for funds such as Rydex and Profunds.

Martin Capital Advisors, LLP

A registered investment advisor managing private and institutional investment portfolios, mutual funds, and a private equity fund for accredited investors.

Maxwell Financial Services, Inc.

Offers investments, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

McMahan Capital Management

A comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory firm providing objective financial advice, offerimg retirement planning, estate planning, and portfolio management.

Mercer Asset Management, Inc.

Representing an independent financial planning and asset management company in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Its services and plans are discussed, and a variety of online financial tools are included, such as stock quotes and other web resources.

Misson Management & Trust

Offering investment management, domestic and global securities custody, and personal trust services.


Users can search for a financial adviser who meets specific criteria using the featured free directory of investment managers.

Nea Capital Limited

A London-based financial services entity authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority focusing on alternative investment management using option strategies.

New Amsterdam Partners LLC

Offering large cap, mid cap, concentrated and socially responsible investment strategies to institutional investors.

Nicholson Capital Management, Inc.

Provides investment management and financial consulting services to a wide range of clients.

Noesis Capital Management

Offers investment management services to individual and institutional clients worldwide.

Noroian Capital Management

Providing investment management services for individuals and corporations.

North American Management

An independent, SEC-registered investment advisor providing comprehensive wealth management services to individuals, trusts, and institutional clients.

NorthShore Advisors LLC

An SEC-registered institutional fixed income investment management firm.

NorthStar Asset Management

Specializes in the individual management of portfolios of private clients, foundations, corporations, and institutions.

OakBrook Investments, LLC

Specializes in domestic equity strategies and a blend of economic thought with the reality of investment management.

Obermeyer Asset Management

Works to preserve and enhance the wealth of affluent individuals, families, foundations and corporations by developing investment portfolios tailored to their individual circumstances.

Old Mutual plc

An international financial services group, whose activities are focused on asset gathering and asset management.

Oxford Financial Group

Provides solutions that assists clients in attaining their financial goals and visions without the inherent bias of products, commissions or soft dollar arrangements.

Pantheon Investments, LLC

Money management firm offers investment management services.

Paradigm Financial Advisors, LLC

Offering comprehensive financial planning and investment services.

Parker Advisors, Inc.

Specializing in retirement planning, managing investments and financial planning.

Parsons Capital Management

Provides comprehensive investment advisory and financial consulting services for individuals, families, trusts, institutions and foundations.

Philadelphia International Advisors, LP

Offering international investment management services.

Pillar Pacific Capital Management, LLC

A registered investment adviser providing wealth management services for both institutional and individual clients.

Pinnacle Investment Management Inc.

Providing sound unbiased financial advice. The company does not sell financial products.

Placemark Investmens, Inc.

Works with financial institutions and advisors to develop and manage sophisticated investment solutions and unified managed account programs.

Polaris Capital Management, LLC

A global and international value equity manager, serving the investment needs of institutions and individuals.

Q Investments Ltd.

A global focused financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of investment management.

QCI Asset Management

QCI provides traditional investment and administrative services to small business clients, as well as a variety of specialized services, including high-yield preferred equity, short-term fixed income, small capitalization equity, and post-venture equity. Its services and location in Pittsford, New York are posted.

Quantum Capital Management

A full service, SEC-registered investment counselor and advisor, founded to provide wealth management solutions for individuals, families, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Quest Investment Management, Inc.

Offers investment advisory services for equity and balanced portfolios, fixed income and short-term cash for both institutional and individual clients.

Rayner & Haynor

Offers investment expertise and strategies tailored to the clients unique needs.

Redi Investments

Investment management and brokerage services, commodity trading advisor, financial and commodity markets.

Reilly Financial Advisors

An independent provider of professional investment management services and comprehensive financial solutions with special expertise in retirement planning and expatriate needs.

Rhoads Lucca Capital

Offers money management and retirement investing advice from independent investment advisers using livable wealth management strategies.

Richard Brothers Financial Advisors

Offering a wide range of wealth management services, such as retirement and estate planning, trust services, tax planning, and business valuation.

Richmond Asset Management Ltd.

A discretionary investment advisory firm, which provides this knowledge through a wide range of services designed to create and preserve the wealth and assets of clients.

Rocaton Investment Advisors, LLC

Offers independent investment consulting services to institutional investors including defined benefit, defined contribution, financial intermediary, insurance company, endowment and foundation, hospitals and large high net worth clients.

Roxbury Capital Management

Offers an array of value-added equity strategies across the market capitalization spectrum.

Runnymede Capital Management

A research-intensive investment firm devoted to developing and implementing strategies to help clients reach their life and investment goals.

Sadoff Investment Management LLC

Manages assets for a broad spectrum of clients.

Sage Financial Group

Provides investment advisory and financial planning services to individual investors, their families and charitable organizations.

Sanco Services

Specializes in private portfolio investment management and asset allocation.

Savant Group

An independent, privately-owned, fee-only investment advisory firm.

Schnieders Capital Management, LLC

Provides wealth management for individuals, families and corporations.

Sensible Investment Strategies

A free site specializing in asset allocation strategies with suitable recommendations from high-ranked 100% no-load mutual funds.

Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors, LLC

Offering fee only portfolio management, the Indianapolis, Indiana firm and its services are profiled, with information about its investment styles and money management strategies, disclosure and contact data.

Shearwater Capital

Fee only registered investment advisor offering customized tax-efficient investment solutions, dimensional fund advisors, exchange-trades funds, index funds.

StoneCastle Partners LLC

Investors in community banks providing investment structures and cash management solutions.

Stratford Advisory Group

An independent, full-service investment consulting firm, registered as an investment advisor with the sec.

Taylor & Williams Inc

A fee-based registered investment advisor focused on assisting individuals and their families, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estate, corporations, and small businesses with planning and investment management solutions.

Technomart Investment Advisors

Specializes in developing fluid, agile, and unique portfolios that take advantage of both a bull or bear market.

Terry Balding & Associates

Specializes in creating customized investment portfolios, financial planning and estate planning.

TFS Capital

Manages the Huntrise investment partnerships as well as individual accounts for qualified clients and accredited investors.

Topper Capital Management

Specializes in the ability to allocate your assets in a customized portfolio, based on financial goals and risk tolerance.

Trademark Capital

Specializes in comprehensive financial planning and investment management.

Tweedy, Browne Company LLC

Firm provides information on history, philosophy, research and reports, and funds.

Twinlights Financial Group

Portfolio management, rollover and retirement planning, asset allocation, sector allocation, mutual funds, annuities.

Uhlmann Price Securities

Offers a full array of products and wealth management services designed to meet the needs of your entire investment portfolio.

Valentine Ventures, LLC

Portfolios are invested across multiple asset classes, and diversified via exchange traded funds for maximum potential risk-adjusted returns.

Van Strum & Towne, Inc.

Investment counseling firm, provides investment management services to individuals, endowments, foundations, and corporate pension and profit sharing accounts.

Vance Capital Management

Offering economic research, timing signals, and active investment management strategies.

Vanderbilt Capital Advisors, LLC

Focused exclusively on managing fixed income portfolios for our institutional clients.

Venus Capital Management, Inc.

Manages wealth for several family offices and institutions with an emphasis on increased allocations to Asia in a risk averse manner.

Verica Trust & Capital Management AG

Provides strategic investment advisory and capital management to institutional and ultra-high-net-worth private clients.

Verity Investment Counsel, Inc.

A fee-only investment advisor.

Victory Asset Management Co. Inc.

An independent fee-based registered investment advisor specializing in providing asset management services to company retirement plans and their employees.

Vintage Capital Advisors, LLC

Fee-based, discretionary portfolio management, focused on the domestic equity and domestic fixed income markets.

Washington Securities Corporation

Designs custom portfolios that generate monthly income for clients.


Investment and wealth management services.

Webb & Associates

Providing quality insurance programs and investor services.

Wegener, LLC

Provides a comparison of buying and holding 100% stocks, passive/strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, and adaptive asset management.

Welch Group, LLC

Provides fee-only wealth management services to a national clientele, focused on retirement planning, estate planning, and investment management for high net worth families.

WestEnd Capital Management, LLC

An independent asset management company.

Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.

An institutional asset management firm serving corporate pension funds, public retirement funds, endowments, foundations, mutual funds, and high net worth individuals.

Wilcox Investment

Investment advice and services, independent portfolio supervision, custom risk management, investor learning community.

Windsor Financial Group, LLC

An independent, privately-owned registered investment advisor serving high net worth individuals, institutional and community bank clients.

Zesiger Capital Group LLC

A money management firm committed to maximizing total returns on assets under management.

Zone Alliance

Offers an integrated suite of consulting services covering various business zones.

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