Computer Emulators

AEP Emulation Page

Provides emulation related news, game reviews, forums, discussions, and downloads. AEPEmu

Blue MSX

Advanced MSX emulator designed to support most common machines and a wide array of extension hardware.

The Emulation Realm

Provides emulation related news, updates, and new releases for Windows, Linux, Mac, Java, and consoles. emulationrealm


Full-system computer architecture emulation framework. Presents documentation, download, and installation and running notes.

Japanese Computer Emulation Centre

Site created as an introduction to Japanese computers. Offers emulators for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

JoseQ's Emu Views

Provides news, forums, downloads, product reviews, and a live chat.


Architecture-independent PowerPC emulator capable of emulating a variety of hardware including CPU JITC-X86, PCI-Brige, PIC, PROM, NVRAM, and VIA-Cuda.


News site featuring forums, downloads, and links to other emulation related websites.

Sol Anachronistic Computer Emulation (Solace)

Open source emulator designed to run decades old Sol programs on Windows machines.


Free emulator based on an MIPS R3000 processor. Site presents news, documentation, and screenshots.

Wind River Simics

Company provides simulator fast enough to simulate realistic system environments at commercial loads. WindRiver

Zophar's Domain

Emulation news portal featuring a large collection of downloads.

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