Computer Ethics

Center for Computing and Social Responsibility

Research, consultancy, and education center dedicated to addressing the social and ethical impacts of information and communication technologies. dmuleicester

Computer and Information Ethics

Explores codes of ethics and best business practices, as well as historical milestones, and academic tools.

Computer Ethics

Lecture text expands on the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics.

Computer Ethics Institute

Provids an advanced forum and resource for identifying, assessing and responding to ethical issues associated with the advancement of information technologies in society.

Computer Ethics: Basic Concepts and Historical Overview

Paper looks at historical milestones, definition, workplace, crime, privacy, intellectual property, globalization, and metaethics.

Online resource offering general teaching tools and case materials on ethical issues in computing.

Ethics and the Internet: The Cyberspace Behaviour of People, Communities and Organisations

Explores information technology's ethical implications for individuals, communities, corporations, and governments.

Ethics in Computing

Information and insights on various issues associated with ethical computing. Includes articles on intellectual property, anonymity, and web privacy.

GMU: Computer Ethics, Laws, Privacy Issues

George Mason University presents a study on responsible computing policy and offers links on the subject.

International Center for Information Ethics

Academic website dedicated to information ethics. Serves as a platform for sharing teaching and research information on ethical information exchange and communication.

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