Programming Games

3D Drome

Offers inside information on game news, 3D graphics and articles.

Aaron's Game Programming Tutorials

Features 2D, arcade, and miscellaneous tutorials and demos.


Portrays game articles, research and featured books.

Amit’s Game Programming Information

Covers pathfinding, object movement, AI, tiles, hexagons, game design, scripting, objects, adventure, economics, and FAQs.

Blitz Research

Delivers points on game creation tools, utilities and online games.

Dev Master

Houses information on 3D engine database and articles. Provides details on irc chat and other related resources.

East Coast Games

Maintains information about game design, games, reviews and developer's resources.


Offers documents on graphics and game development from 1999. Includes glossary and news.

Flip Code

Reports details on game development news, article archives, as well as online reference and various related links.


Displays details games, conference and product guide.

Game Developer Magazine

Features information on game developer digital edition, issue summary and other game magazine.

Game Programming Wiki

Furnishes introduction to game programming, beginners' FAQ, tutorials, techniques, design guides, and forums.

The Game Programming Wiki Forums

Features discussions on programming games in different platforms or languages, mobile game development, and web-based game development.

Neon Helium Productions

Provides details on open GL tutorials, basecode, projects and links.

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