Software News and Media


Posts software news and comments including featured software with descriptions and download links.

EH&S Software News

Updates on the latest in electronic tools and resources for the environment, health, and safety industry.

Free Software Daily

News and articles for the free and open source software community.


Online platform that provides news and information about trending and high-quality applications. Megaleechers

Provides software news and articles as well as discussion forums, guides, and recommended links.

Source for daily software news and features covering a wide range of applications, platforms, and utilities.

Software Development News

Posts news and updates on .NET, Java, PHP, C, XML, databases, programming, online services, open source, and other related topics.

Software Mag

Bimonthly journal created for buyers and those who influence the development and delivery of high technology products and services. Provides software information and serves as a field guide for IT managers.

Software News

Site contains Windows and Linux software news, software forums, and free downloads.

Software Tech News

Software publication from the Data and Analysis Center for Software.

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