Text Editor Software

Boxer Software

Contains details of the full-featured text editor for Windows.


Offers editing software for developers which uses a variety of computer languages.

Brixoft Software

Offers details on web development and editing software, product listing, updates, and software reviews.


Full-screen basic online text editor designed for distraction-free writing.


Online and collaborative notepad application for creating, storing, and editing notes on the web.

Lugaru Software Ltd.

Has latest news about the maker of text editor for Windows, Linux, MAC, OS X, FreeBSD, OS/2 and DOS.

Mansfield Software Group

Features information on Kedit application, development reports, updates, and purchasing details.


Ajax based online text editor useful for storing notes, text snippets, and other similar information.


Simple to use online text editor, with no distractions, bells or whistles. Work is automatically saved, and can easily be shared.


Free web-based notepad alternative that saves notes or files online.

Slick Edit

Provides text editing solutions, tools, development news, updates and downloads.

Text Mechanic

Locate text line tools, word frequency counters, text randomizing tools, word scramblers, ROT13 ciphertext creator, and code generators.


Online source for reviews, analyses, and commentaries on text editors.


Contains overview of the editor for plain text files.


Notepad alternative with themes, automatic notes saving, a two-way search functionality, keyboard shortcuts, and online sharing and synchronization features.


Commercial text editing program designed for editing text and code. Includes features, testimonials and free software trial.


Editor for text, data, and binary (hex) or EBCDIC file. Has trial version for the product.

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