Trick Taking Card Games

The 45's Card Game

Offers a computerized 4-way-partners version of the game. Presents details about the game rules, its author, and list of tournament schedule.

Card Games: Exact Bidding Group

Information about the game's objective, variants and rules presented.

Euchre 4 Money

Online Euchre club consisting of extremely competitive players.

GrandPrix Tournaments

Annual event provides information on schedules, winners, books, articles, official rules, and photo gallery.

Last Trick Group

Features specific games that have no trumps; with particulars on the game variations, objective, and rules’ overview.

Le Jeu de Tarot

Recounts the origin of French Tarot. Covers information on the game’s rules, related articles, and commented deals.

National Cards Sharks, Inc.

Provides a mailing list for Bid Whist. Contains details on membership application and instructions.

Oh Hell!

Contains the rules including players, cards, sequence of hands, bidding, play, scoring, and variations.

Sheepshead Card Game

Resource for tips, links, rules, and information on the history of sheepshead.

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