Browser Based Games

A Case Of The Crabs

Flash and browser based mystery detective game with black and white "film noir" graphics, point and click interface, and no download necessary.


Offers online games and activities for all ages with art and music themes. With videos and a directory of art and music resources.

Aso Brain Games

Features online Java based multiplayer games. With automated ranking and clan wars.

A-Z Game

Speed typing. See how fast can you type the alphabet. Login to submit scores.

Battleship Games

Offers a selection of browser based Battleship games to play online.

Features a variety of browser games, social media games, and MMORPG. With game ratings and rankings.

Bhoogolvidya: The Geography Quiz

Take the online geography quiz in order to test your knowledge of geography skills.

Browser Based Games

Offers a variety of browser based games in different categories including action, simulation, sports, strategy, and RPG.


Free online multiplayer war game. Wage war with thousands of other players around the world, and develop an indepth technology tree.

Casino Blackjack

Browser based game that highlights the power of HTML5.

Casual Review

Posts reviews and information on a wide variety of browser based, casual games.

Site for HTML5 and WebGL game developers and players. Features a variety of online games and provides game API to developers.


Unique word game set in Victorian London where vocabulary is used to defend the laboratory.


Arcade style game played with only a mouse, and for only ten seconds.


Enjoy free online games including classic games such as Pacmam and Mario as well as a number of puzzle, action, arcade and sports games for all ages.

Face Arcade

Game designed for Chrome that uses a players face for input not a mouse or buttons.

Fantasy Soap League

Internet-based game designed after fantasy football. Characters, gameplay information, glossary, and related resources.

Formula Wan

Browser based online F1 game.

Free Pacman

Flash based online Pacman game. No download required.

Free Sonic

Play an online flash version of the Sonic the Hedgehog game. smashinggames

Offers 2D, 3D and text-based games that can be instantly played on web browsers.


Search engine which indexes Flash-based games from a variety of sites. Includes ability to rate games.

Games for Cats

Offers browser-based games built in HTML5 and JavaScript for the iPad.

Games Loop

Collection of Flash games for online playing. Includes board, action, adventure, fighting, puzzle, shooting, and sports games.

Get To Z Link Game

Simple game yet hard to finish. Go from A to Z but it's tricky doing so.


Features an overview of an upcoming browser-based MMO game about future worlds. Includes development news, game artwork, and more.


Browser based flight simulation allowing players to fly and shoot over real life satellite images from Google Maps.


Arcade-style multi-player soccer game with community features such as forums, leaderboards, member directory, and media gallery.


Offers games which serve a purpose. The results of the games are fed to search engine companies, who then use the results to better analyze and respond to the search needs of their users.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Online jigsaw puzzles created from the covers of The New Yorker magazine.

Kick Ass

Browser-based game that can be accessed through a bookmarklet with players logging in through a social media account or by creating an account with the site.

Love Punks

Fictional fantasy game that is based on real characters from Roebourne, Western Australia.

Mindbloom Life Game

Online game designed to help a player think about life priorities, discover inspirations, learn about motivations and take meaningful actions.

Online Naruto multiplayer game. Presents a game manual, ladders, screenshots, forums, and chat room.

Parking Games

Features a collection of free Flash based parking games. ParkingGamesCom

Physics Games

Compilation of online physics-based games that include puzzles, logic, sports, skill, and fighting games.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Browser based game is free to download and free to play. Site features a game trailer and news.


Collection of free browser-based action, adventure, puzzle, sports, and card games.

Pong Game

Retro inspired online game based on 1972's pong game which later was launched by Atari as an at home console game.

Poto and Cabenga

One button game that allows you to control two characters in a split screen.

Quake Live

Browser-based version of the popular game Quake, offering free game play at all skill levels.

Robot Unicorn Attack from Adult Swim Games

Unicorns fly through rainbows and clouds to make your dreams come true.


Simplistic game created with HTML5 but fun to play. Simply draw a line with your mouse but avoid the red dots.

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

While at a weekend game jam, Cassie and her dad created this fantasy video game that can be downloaded for play on iPhone and Blackberry.

Spider Games

Provides collection of free online spider games.

Stick Games

Offers a collection of free stick figure games playable in a browser.

Offers a selection of free online games starring stick figures.

They Will Eat You

Created for playing on Chrome or Firefox, this game asks if you can stay ahead of the zombies.


Games based on the geography of Europe. Test your skills or improve your knowledge with these 18 games.


Features hundreds of free browser-based as well as downloadable games in various categories.


Game developer based in San Francisco, USA offering browser-based games that run as application widgets on social networking sites or as stand-alone games.

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