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An online dictionary that offers tools and helpers for a variety of word games, including Scrabble, anagrams, crosswords, and jumbles.

About.com: Puzzles

Features articles, information, and resources on crossword, sudoku, word search, optical illusion, jigsaw, and other types of puzzles.

Binary Puzzle

Logic puzzle comparable to the sudoku but only uses the numbers 1 and 0, requiring every row and column to contain the same number of ones and zeroes.


Online logic puzzle game that can be played in various sizes. Game goal is to connect dots within a rectangular grid following a number of rules. http://apps.facebook.com/puzzle-bridges/

Escape Games

Offers new escape games, free online room escape games, free point and click escape games and other escape games. Find more clues and solve more puzzle to finish the room escape, castle escape or forest escape game. Mobile http://www.facebook.com/ajazgames ajazgames https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajazgames

Free Online Puzzle Maker

Allows users to create free word search and crossword puzzles for various purposes.

Had to Play On

Online community for puzzle enthusiasts with regular contests on various topics.

Hitori Conquest

Online puzzle featuring numbers on a grid. Objective is to eliminate duplicate numbers in rows and columns.

JanssenWeb Puzzles

Features sudokus, Japanese puzzles, Boggle-like word puzzles, and number puzzles that can be played online.

Light Up

Logic puzzle involving black and white cells on a grid, light bulbs, and constraining numbers. http://apps.facebook.com/puzzle-light-up/

National Puzzlers League

Eclectic group of puzzle lovers who have a love of word play, crosswords, and cryptograms.

Online Calcudoku Puzzles

Modified Sudoku puzzles that incorporates arithmetic. http://www.facebook.com/calcudoku/

The Puppeteer's Cosmic Puzzle

Discusses the rules, gives details, and presents highlights of these pictograph puzzles.

Puzzle Choice

Collection of crosswords puzzles, riddles, logic puzzles, and more.

Puzzle Prime

Featuring a collection of puzzles including brain teasers, puzzle crimes, video games, toy reviews and more. https://www.facebook.com/puzzleprime/ https://plus.google.com/+PuzzlePrime1 http://feeds.feedburner.com/News-PuzzlePrime


Features online puzzles, news, and a user forum.

Quiz Factor

Offers a variety of quizzes, tests, puzzles and trivia for free online.

StartDL Puzzles

Offers a variety of word and number puzzles. Features free Flash puzzle games online.

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