Final Funender RPG

The Final Fantasy fansite provides movies, free online gaming, and forums.

John Styles of Roleplaying Page

Contains thorough definition and advice on RPG through its archive of articles.


RPG site based in UK has collection of games, reviews and artwork.

RPG Consortium

An online Community of RPG players committed to discussions about RPG and how to make them better.

RPG Gateway

Directory of roleplaying related resources, software, people and places, games, systems, as well as art and fiction.

RPG Life

Hosts forums explaining and discussing everything about and for paper and pen role-playing.

RPG News

Offers news submitted by its members. Also, shows game features and gives weekly updates.


Introduces RPG and presents issues about it. Has a repository of available games and cheat sheet.


Provides an online resource for those interested in roleplaying games. Includes game reviews, forums, chats, and news.

Directory of audio and video shows centered on role-playing games and other topics of interest.

Star Trek Online

Upcoming MMORPG offering customizable ships and characters, ground, space and shipboard play and options for player-generated content. Site currently offers news, FAQs, and game trailers. trekonlinegame

Strolen's Citadel: The Idea Guild

Interactive resource for gamers, game writers and game masters. Allows sharing of knowledge on RPG through forum.

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