Video Game Design Designing Video Games

Brief tutorial touches on developing ideas, storyboarding, game details, and design documents. Includes links to additional information.

Flash Tutorials

Shares information on creating games with Flash, including tile-based scrolling tips, snake game, XML compressor, and sample games.

Game Developers Conference

Provides registration information, and a schedule of events and speakers.

Game Institute

Provides professional training in the field of video game production and development.

Game Programming Gems

Series of game programming books offering practical techniques and information to address multiple game development problems and to shorten timelines for game design.

Provides information on game development along with an online blog.

Online recruitment for US interactive entertainment professionals.

Gaming World

Game development website offering graphical resources, articles, and tutorials.

How To Make a Tile Based Game with Cocos2D

Tutorial explains how to create tile-based games for iPhone. Includes game skeleton, map, object layers, movement, and sample project.

How to Make a Video Game for Free

Information covers software, hardware, alternatives, step-by-step details, and additional resources and links.

International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

Non-profit professional society for video game developers. Site offers updated news, advocacy updates, columns, and forums.

Jason’s Article on Tile Graphics

Paper explores vocabulary, plotting tiles, mapping, objects, layers, and walkability.


Dedicated to developing tile-based games in Macromedia Flash. Includes tutorials, examples, news, background, and related links.


Game design tool's official site. Features example games, tutorials, program downloads, and developer forums.

Tile-Based Games FAQ version 1.2

Answers questions about designing tile-based games, including maps, character movement, tilted effects, multiple objects, and portability.

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