Food and Water Borne Diseases

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Contains health and safety topics, publications, data and statistics, and information on food borne and diarrheal diseases.

Drinking Water

Provides overviews, latest news, nutrition, specific conditions and related issues about drinking water.

EPA : Ground Water and Drinking Water

Government entity that checks and regulates the cleanliness of drinking water displays local drinking water quality, source water protection, and underground injection control.

Food Link

Learn the ABCs of food safety from this comprehensive guide.

Food Microbe

Educational resource for information on toxins and harmful organisms in food. With research works, publications, and links to relevant sites.

Food Poisoning

Presents a patient information leaflet, publication, food safety advice, and various other articles related to food poisoning.

Food Poisoning and Safety

Provides topical discussions including botulism, food poisoning sources, and information on preventing food poisoning.

Food Safety

Portal to food safety information as collated by government agencies.

Food Safety Information Center

Comprehensively presents information on food safety and inspection, food and drug administration, and other relevant research.

Food Safety Research Information Office

Collects, organizes, and disseminates food safety research information.

Foodborne Diseases

Shows resources maintained and supported by the World Health Organization that shows related links of foodborne diseases. Provides description of activities, reports, news, events and programs offered by the global institution. With translations in French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

Foodborne Illness

Presentation on the common bacteria and viruses that cause food poisoning.

Global Foodborne Infections Network (GFN)

International network of institutions and individuals devoted to building capacity for detecting, controlling, and preventing food-borne diseases and other enteric infections.

Kitchen Companion - Your Safe Food Handbook

Guide to keeping clean and safe food in home kitchens. Cites the common pathogens that should be avoided.

Medicine Plus - Foodborne Illness

Includes the basics, tools, research, news, overviews, and related issues.

National Center for Infectious Diseases

Houses a compendium of information related to infectious diseases. With publications, guidelines, and links to relevant sites.

Safe Tables Our Priority

Publicizes a campaign to fight food borne illnesses. Offers support for victims, posts action alerts, and presents victims' stories.

Travelers’ Health

Factsheet covering wide range of discussions about water and the diseases coming from it including articles enumerating the risks, water treatment, traveling tips, food poisoning and related topics.

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