Pathological Gambling

21 Steps to Stop Gambling

Features an assessment quiz for those who aim to recover from gambling obsession.

Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators

Provides forum for discussions and data featuring problem gambling.

Chance to Change

Features reference materials to aid in ministering people addicted to gambling.

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (ECPG)

Provider of gambling addiction treatment services offering education and treatment programs.

Forman Consulting

Private company features research and resources to address problem gambling.

Friends 4 Friends

Presents a wide range of information and resources related to gambling. Includes support links as well as answers to frequently asked questions.


Support, information, and advice resource for individuals suffering from compulsive gambling.

The National Responsible Gambling Programme

Resource for education, training, and research dedicated to public gambling.

Northern Rivers Gambling Service

Site provides resources and information to help people with gambling problem.

Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance

Nonprofit organization devoted to helping those who are struggling with problem gambling. Provides awareness and educational programs for the public and for professional groups involved in solving pathological gambling problems.

Oklahoma Association for Gambling Addiction Awareness

Aims to educate the general public about the inevitable damages caused by gambling. Information about Pathological Gambling

Offers information about warning signs of gambling problems as well as advice on how to get things back on track.

Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre

Presents updates, annual reports, research priorities and findings, and funding guidelines and policies.

Problem Gambling

Homepage of the gambling program and services of the Australian Government. Presents a resource kit and related news and articles.


Access to a wide range of references, services, and resources on dealing with gambling problems.

Recovery & Beyond

Distribution and support site for Shawn and Drew's 21-Steps to STOP Gambling system and workbooks. Presents testimonials and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Responsible Gambling Council

Independent, nonprofit organization established to prevent problem gambling.

Want To Stop Gambling

Site devoted to those who seek to recover from compulsive gambling. Provides a compilation of stories as well as news and help-guide.

Women Helping Women

Online support group devoted to the recovery of female compulsive gamblers.

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