Travel Consumer Information

Beyond the Brochure

Lays out an unbiased and honest presentation about tourist destination - showing what the brochures fail to display and provide information about.


Online tool for finding cheap flights, hotels, and rental cars in different parts of the world.

Holiday Travel Watch

Offers travel information, advice, and assistance. With various travel articles including those that discuss holiday illnesses and present guidelines for traveling.

Mapped Travel - Central

Allows users to submit travel information about cities and points of interest with an interactive map interface.

Real Holiday News

Indexes resort links, presents holiday news, and provides holiday airport and health guides.

Restroom Ratings

Features user submitted reviews of public restrooms around the country.

Flight resource offers airplane seating and in-flight services information for most major airlines.

Sleeping in Airports

Resource for expense-conscious travelers who want to explore ways to get through with their limited budgets. With stories, photos, and surveys.

Susan Michelle's Compass

Learn some travel tips and pertinent information from this website of a hip travel lifestyle expert.

Advice and information helping travelers avoid bad trips.

To and From the Airport

Interactive airport map serves as a guide to accessing airports around the world via bus, car, train, and other forms of public transport.

Travel Advisory Index

Provides information on the advisability, or otherwise, of travelling to various destinations from the security and other perspectives.

Travel Comments

Interactive site devoted to helping travelers research hotels, airlines, and car rental companies.

Travel Watchdog

Independent resource for travel information. Provides legal helps, travel stories, and details of sporting venues.

Provides unabashed, unedited reviews on the sites that consumers use to make travel plans.


International e-guide for travelers. Presents information about the travel destinations in Cuba, Israel, and South Africa.

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