Baking Recipes and Cooking

All Easy Cookin’

Contains variety of cooking procedures for different types of pastries like brownies, cake, and cookies.


Offers quick and easy recipes for cakes, desserts and biscuits.


Includes tips in baking cookies and cakes, with refresher course on measuring ingredients.

Baking 911

Offers online baking classes, recipes, step by step instructions for decorating, and an online message and chat room.

Baking Mad

An online community for home bakers, with an extensive collection of recipes, competitions, ideas for baking with kids, and advice on setting up a baking club.

Baking Made Easy

Easy, organic baking tips and recipes for neophytes.

Bakingbits - A Cook's Resource

Offers recipes for various baked goods, a bi-monthly column, cookbook reviews, message board, links, and more. The Magazine for Bakers

Offers recipes designed by a professional pastry chef for use the in the typical home. Some recipes are free, however, a subscription is required for access to all recipes.

Betty Crocker: Baking with Betty

Contains recipes that promote Betty Crocker products. Offers kid-friendly baking, a dessert of the month, online coupons, and more.

Christmas Baking with Susie J

Offers cake and cookie recipes, baking advice, equipment and utensil tips, baking disaster stories, and more.

Connie Q Cooking

Learn to bake homemade bread through video presentations or browse the directory to find out other recipe sites.

Dessert Recipes from Bon Appetit

Provides a variety of dessert recipes for any occasion from a leading culinary magazine.

Desserts and Baking

Offers recipes for a variety of baked goods and desserts, helpful hints, and more.

Domino Sugar: Recipes

Provides a dessert planner, recipes, Baking 101 and newsletter.

Duncan Hines Desserts

Offers recipes that promote Duncan Hines products. Contains a Baker's Club, recipes of the week, and more.

Godiva - Recipes

Offers recipes for cakes, tortes, breads, brownies, candies, cheesecakes, cookies, and more using Godiva chocolate.

Hershey's Kitchens

Features baking recipes that use Hershey's products. Includes baking hints and tips, product information, and more.

Hodgson Mill

Collection of recipes for various dishes, beverages, pastries and desserts. Also contains vegan product list and health news.

Home Baking Association

Provides recipes, tips, baking-related lesson plans and more.

How the Cookie Crumbles: Webzine for Home Bakers

Provides recipes and guidelines, baking hints and tips, and more.

Joy of Baking

Provides recipes for all forms of baked goods. Also features an active baking message board.

King Arthur Flour - Recipes

Provides a variety of recipes for breads, cookies, crackers, pancakes, waffles, pies, quiche, coffee cakes, and more.


Different ladyfingers recipes best for desserts.

Mrs. Claus' Cookbook

An extensive collection of holiday themed cake, cookie, candy, pie, and bread recipes.

Our Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

Offers a variety of recipes for muffins, tarts, cakes and brownies featuring both light and dark chocolate.

PastryWiz food resource center provides users with recipes for all varieties of baked goods.

Pillsbury Baking

Official site of Pillsbury offers seasonal and everyday recipes, answers to common questions, basic baking techniques, and a doughboy page for kids.

Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum

Baker and cookbook author offers cooking tips, scratch recipes and a baking forum in this online journal. Dessert Recipes

Collection of preparation procedures for afters like sorbets, mousse and brownies.

Recipes from Hannah's Bakery

Contains recipes for cookies, brownies, scones, coffee cakes, sweet rolls, quick breads and muffins.

Roast and Post Coffee Company

Provides an assortment of cooking procedures for cakes, puddings, tortes and pies.

Thrifty Living - Ingredient Substitutions: Baking

Contains a list of substitutions for common baking ingredients.

Operated by the Nestle corporation, this site offers recipes that require their products.

White Lily's Southern Kitchen

Get baking tips for Southern delicacies from the premium light baking flour company.

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