International Cuisines

The Britannia Recipe Bin

Recipe collection representing the local flavors of some Western and Eastern countries, with a list of special recipes for holidays, and cooking glossary.

Culture Kitchen

Offers recipes or cooking guides for various authentic ethnic cuisines.

FamilyWeb Cafè

Explores the various dishes of the European community. Shows links to relevant resources.

Food in Every Country

Collection of cooking recipes worldwide including India, Indonesia, Iran, and Iraq.

Free Recipe Collection

Provides cooking procedures for international cuisines. Also details serving sizes and nutritional information.

The Gumbo Pages: Culinary World Tour

Presents recipes of international renown. Also discusses serving sizes and nutritional facts of the menus.

Hispanic Recipes

Collection of cooking directions compiled by the Masterstech Home establishment.

International Recipes

Collections of recipes from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and the Caribbean.

International Soups

Presents one or more soup recipes that represent the flavor of particular Eastern and Western countries.

International Vegetarian Union

Recipe index of international cuisine sorted by region including Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Larry's Foreign Food Guide

Provides dish preparation guides for a number of Mexican, Chinese, and Italian cuisines.

Margarita's International Recipes

Viewable by course categories, this site features a number of dishes, mostly ethnic, sourced from different parts of the world.

Showcases the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the Asian diet.

Moroccan Recipe Source

Large collection of Moroccan recipes.

Recipe Atlas

Indexes a number of American, European, African, Asian, and Australian recipes. Also accommodates recipe submissions.

World Health Circle of International Cooking

Lists various recipes from both the East and the West. With featured books and answers to frequently asked questions.

World Recipes

Browse for recipes by region or country. Go over the featured cooking glossary, cookbooks, and cooking resources as well.

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