Holiday Recipes

Alicia's Holiday Recipes

Recipes collected from boxes, box tops, cans, packages, printed materials and other sources.

Alicia's Leftover Ham, Chicken and Turkey Recipes

Turn leftovers into delectable dishes by following recipes such as Mexican Turkey Casserole, Mandarin Turkey Salad, Turkey Soup and many more.

All Recipes Holiday Recipes

Contains over 400 holiday recipes from appetizers to Valentine's Day, Ramadan to Passover.

Baisakhi Delights

Some traditional Punjabi dishes for the Baisakhi Festival.

Bella Online Holiday and Seasonal Cooking

Find recipes suited for any special occasion. Includes recipes for ice cream, hot drinks and pumpkin.

Chocolate Heaven for Purim

Mouthwatering chocolate recipes for cookies, fudge, muffins, bars and coated cherries for this Jewish holiday. Holiday Central

Offers a collection of holiday specific recipes for Christmas and Hannukah season.

Coffeerooms Holidays

Message boards for holiday celebrations and for information exchange on different topics by memebers. Holiday and Event Recipes

Boasts of 25,647 matches for holiday and special events recipes.

Fruit Group

Article on Fruit Group and the Food Guide Pyramid with food tips, holiday gift ideas and recipes for Apple and Peanut Butter, and Turkey Noodle Soup.

Great Recipes Online

Minimal selection of holiday recipes for Christmas, Halloween, Passover and Thanksgiving.

Holiday Recipes All Occasions

Select from various categories housing recipes for different holidays and occasions. Includes recipes for holiday cakes, candies, and pies.

Holiday Recipes and Party Recipes Online

Contains holiday recipe sections from That's My Home. Try an easy yet tasty Christmas recipe.

Let's Talk About Food

Find out a good number of holiday recipes from various links to recipe archives, cookbooks, food section and others.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen:Purim Recipes

Small number of recipes like Ethiopian Lentils, Iraqi Filled Pastries, Purim Moscardini and few others.

Recipe Source Holiday Recipes

Search recipes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Recipes for Indian Festivals

Select from a range of dishes associated with Pujas and other Indian festivals.

Theme Meals and Holidays

Listing of soup, sauces and other dishes for Holloween, Father's Day, Mother's Day and other special celebrations.

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