Microwave Cooking

123 Easy as Pie Microwave Recipes

Get to know the basics of microwave cooking and find cooking ideas for breads and muffins, cakes, candies, cookies, and desserts.

All Recipes: Microwave Cooking Recipes

Features recipes such as Jalapeno Popper Spread, Cranberry-Orange Spiced Oatmeal, Basic Microwave Risotto, and Hasty Chocolate Pudding.

Astray Microwave Recipes

Long list of microwave-prepared dishes arranged alphabetically.

Busy Moms Microwave Recipes

Learn how to cook cheesy chicken, desserts, meatloaf, and new dill potatoes with the microwave.

Indian Microwave Recipes

Lists a few traditional recipes that cook with the microwave oven. Includes curry, paneer, chops, and baigan dishes.

Indian Mirror: Microwave Recipes

Offers recipes for various dishes such as Chicken Korma, Garlic Prawns, Turnip Masala, and Tandoori Cauliflower.


Search for bread, pudding, muffin, biscuit, dessert, and sauce recipes that cook with the microwave.

Microwave Connection

Information about microwave-convection cooking by Janet Sadlack.

Microwave Cooking

Offers microwave cooking advice and recipes. Also presents the dangers and benefits of microwave cooking.

Microwave Cooking

Cites the boons and banes of microwave cooking. With food safety, preparation, and storage tips.

Microwave Cooking for One

Describes the positive features of microwave food, presents microwave food recipes, and provides tips on microwave cooking.

Microwave Ideas

Lists microwave cooking information for pies, meat, omelets, cakes, and meringues.

Microwave Oven Recipes List

Recipes from the Microwave Technologies Association include 5 minute Chocolate Pudding, Chicken and Apricot Terrine, Golden Syrup Dumplings, and Hot Chocolate Cake.

Sandi's Microwave Recipes

Personal selections of appetizer, pasta, snack, and main course recipes that cook with the microwave.

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