Quick and Easy Cooking

Can't Boil Water

Features simple and tested recipes for those non-cooks to try. Includes dishes at varied preparation difficulty levels.

Cooking By Numbers

Tom Tuke-Hastings' guide to simple cooking that utilizes common items that can be easily found in most homes' fridge.

Cooking Low Fat

Compiles good tasting, quick, simple, and healthful recipes.

Easy Cooking Recipes

Collection of simple and quick to prepare recipes pooled from product labels, newspapers, magazines, recipe books, and from the website's message board.


Recipes that combine ready-made or store-bought ingredients so that they're not quite made from scratch, but are still tasty and budget-conscious. https://www.facebook.com/funnyspoon FunnySpoon

Jon's Recipes

Gallery of quick recipes with photos. Includes dishes for lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Karen's Country Kitchen

Resource for quick meat and vegan recipes, easy dinner recipes, lunch recipes, and healthful dishes.

The Practical Pantry

Information on how to simplify cooking and baking. With newspaper columns, pantry pointers, and baking goods particulars.

Recipes to Go

Compilation of thousands of free recipes, kitchen tips, related crafts, and more.

Student Recipes

Lists a number of quick cooking dishes for boarding students. Also accommodates recipe submissions.

Time Saving Entrees for the Working Woman

Showcases a number of bread, casserole, dessert, meat, and vegetable recipes that are easy and quick to prepare.

Time Trimmers

Resource for household tips with selections or quick cooking recipes for chicken, beef, and desserts.

The Virtual Chef

Features unique recipes that cook in less than thirty minutes.

What The **** Should I Make For Dinner?

Meat-eaters and vegetarians who are unsure of what to make for dinner are guided through a question process that gives them ideas for daily dinners.

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