Gardening History

Australian Garden History Society

Contains history, membership, publications, plus conferences and tours, news and links.

Canoe Plants

Serves as an information guide to the life-sustaining plants of the past.

Cultivating Canadian Gardens

Includes collection, services to the public, library, archives and contact information.

Fruits and Flowers of Winter

Exhibition details the care of winter gardens, including hothouses and greenhouses. Many drawings, photographs and diagrams.

Garden History Info

Find information on the history of gardens including general articles, biographies of famous botanists and gardeners, recipes and advice on restoring a garden.

Garden History Journal

Features book reviews, conservation information, site archives, and a list of activities.

Garden History Links

Collection of historical gardening links sorted by area and topic.

Garden History Tours and Projects

Features many resources for travelers, including garden finder maps and advice on hotels. Landscape guide.

Garden Web

Gardening resource including a large database of plants and a garden directory.

Gardens of the Mughal Empire

Features an interactive tour on the eleven gardens across the Indian subcontinent that traces the footsteps in history of the Mughal emperor.

The History of Gardening

Gardening timeline from ancient times to the twentieth century.

JE Berger Foundation: Enchanted Gardens of the Renaissance

Provides photos and information on several famous historical gardens from Renaissance Europe.

Landscape History

Illustrated history of gardening in various cultures at various times.

Museum of Garden History

Site provides information on the London based museum, historical gardening resources, a calendar of events, and a Flash based online tour of the museum.

Our Vegetable Travelers

Read articles on the history of common vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, lettuce and radishes.

The Spirit of Gardening

Enjoy a variety of poems about working with plants. Searchable database.

Timothy Mowl

Encloses information on books published and downloadable articles.

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