Intensive Planting

AZ Master Gardener Manual: Intensive Gardening Methods

Reviews raised beds, vertical gardening, interplanting, spacing, relay planting, and economic value.

Bella Online

Presents information on the meditation garden: layout, design and planting.

Canadian Gardening

Offers techniques on plot thickens and other gardening plants and methods.

Dave's Garden: Definition of Intensive Planting

Covers specific techniques and modern modifications. Includes plant, bug, and bird files.

Double Your Harvest with Second Plantings

Article on succession planting explains making better use of gardening space, with zone information, replanting, screening the sun, choosing the right crops, and starting times.

Food for Everyone Foundation

Shares information about personal gardening and the Mittleider Gardening Method, including feeding, spacing, and soil preparation.

For a Longer Harvest Window, Try Succession Planting

Discusses benefits, methods, and guidelines by crop. Includes vegetables, herbs and flowers, and tracking.

Intensive Gardening Methods

Contents include introduction, raised bed, vertical gardening, interplanting, spacing, succession planting, planning, and value.

No Dig Gardens

Suggests a quick and simple gardening method for propagating vegetables that are clean and chemical-free.

The Perfect Raised Bed

Features overview, materials list, and step by step instructions.

Raised Bed Gardening

Includes definition, yields, soil conditions, advantages, and construction tips.

Raised-Bed Gardening

Explains advantages, types, construction materials, design, soil mix, and maintenance.

Succession Planting Your Garden

Reviews feast and famine of other methods, relay succession guidelines, crop rotation, and benefits.

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