Garden Pest and Disease Control

Arkansas Home and Garden: Newsletters and Publications

Gives publications related to disease control, fruit management, and insecticide and weed control recommendations.

The Bug Review

University of Illinois Extension searchable database offers name, habits, damage, and control options for a variety of pests.

The Bug Review

Searchable database of information on common garden pests and other insects.

Colorado State University: Insects and Pests

Sections on insects include general, home, lawn, garden, trees, flowers, and houseplants. With other pests, diseases, and control methods.

Garden and Landscape Pests

Addresses common insects and mites, identification, damage, and least-toxic control methods.

Gardeners Supply Company: Pest and Disease Detective

Assists users in determining the problem with their plants and then suggests remedies.

How to Work With Nature to Minimize Pest and Disease Problems

Discusses gardens as ecosystems, organic control methods, soil tips, removing diseased plants, rotating crops, and resistant plant varieties.

Integrated Pest Management for the Home Vegetable Garden

Details on the different methods of pest control – mechanical, sanitary, biological, chemical, and integrated approach.

Integrated Pest Management for Vegetable Gardens

Instructional guide explains soil preparation, plant selection, cultural practices, and using beneficial insects.

Ohioline: Insects and Pests

Extension fact sheets describe nuisance and beneficial pests' identification, life cycle, habits, and control measures.


Provides consumer information for all pest control needs including for hiring a professional exterminator as well as do-it-yourself solutions. pestnetcom

Plant Pathology Fact Sheets

Describes common plant diseases in northeast U.S. greenhouses, nurseries, and indoor and outdoor plantings.

Sustainable Gardening Tips: Garden Snake

Includes information on the prevention of snake in the house garden, with links and gardening details.

UC IPM Online

Resource for managing insects and other pests in the home garden. Articles on many problems, including skunks, deer, beetles, mildew and more. Weed gallery.

University of Florida: Featured Creatures

Profiles beneficial and pest insects, nematodes, arachnids, and other organisms.

Vegetable Garden Pest Management

Looks at insect management, natural enemies, biological control, and managing nematodes. Lists pests with image, description, diet, and treatment.

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