Kids and Teens Dance


Presents an overview and the history of this form of hip hop dance style that is also known as breaking.

Brief History of Square and Round Dancing

Features an article that traces the historical roots of this American dance type.

Contra Dancing and Matrices

Personal account of this Californian instructor explaining the dance patterns and rhythms of contra dancing.

Dance Audition Survival Tips

Provides guidelines on how to prepare and what to do in a dance try-out.

Dance Kids

See this gallery of dance-related resources including games, cards, and online contests.

Dance Kids of Monterey County

Nonprofit performing arts organization for the youth. Information on rehearsals, programs, and activities provided.

Dance Nova Scotia

Information on this group's workshops, summer camps, events, and membership. With dance forms and links.

Dance the Dream

Personal page of a 13-year-old kid provides tips, photos, polls and a message board about dancing.

Ed Gilmoreā€™s Caller Instructor Course

Details the square dance course session of this recognized Californian dance teacher.

Medha Hari

Displays the background details of this young Bharatanatyam dancer who started practicing at age six. Shows her awards list, video clips and pictures.

Nordiska Folkdancers

Contains details on this Seattle-based group that performs the traditional dances and music of Scandinavia. Includes a photo gallery and their contact information.

Peak Invitational

Organizes dance competitions that cover a wide variety of dance types. Details of events provided.

Rock Eisteddfod Challenge

Information on Rock Eisteddfod's history, foundation, and activities. With testimonials and related news.

Ruth St. Denis

Features an article on the career background of this American dancer who fused the practices of vaudeville stage into the world of serious concert dance.

Soaring Steps

Overview of this San Francisco dance group's membership, activities, and programs. With blog postings.

Square Dance History in the US

Displays a document that accounts the origin of this American folk dance.

Taps in Motion

Get to know the members of this dance group and learn about its activities, performances, and achievements.

Ted Shawn

Founder of the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, an American dance institution offering performances, lectures and tours. Shows an event listing, program details, membership information and a photo gallery.

Young Dancers

Dance website created for teenagers presents pictures of dance performances, career advice, information on new dance moves, and fun dance quotes.

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