Arts and Entertainment History of Art

Art Road of China - Painting

Presents overview on the history of Chinese painting, also includes references and instructional video clips and pointers.

Art Through Time: A Global View

Presents an extensive tour of art history from across the world, covering 13 different themes and with audio and video.

The Buddha's Art of Healing

Contains an article about Buddha's art.

Destination Modern Art

Cute, interactive portal from the Museum of Modern Art educates elementary school children about modern art with its engaging alien and colorful style.

Early American Paintings

Shows a chronicle of the history of American paintings.

History World - History of Painting

Discusses the historical significance of prehistoric cave paintings.


Provides details and various pictures about mannerism.

Meet Me At Midnight

Smithsonian American Art Museum sponsors this interactive online adventure created for kids 8-10 years of age.

Naive Art

View pictures of sample artworks with title descriptions.

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