Society Issues

A Class Divided

Tells the story of how a teacher in 1968 divided her class into different groups based on eye color in order to teach them about discrimination. Examines how the lesson resonates still today.

Ask Dr. M

Offers advice for kids and teens, young adults, as well as parents on a wide range of topics and issues.

Barbie Science Fair Experiment

Documents what happened when a third grader did a science fair project about Barbies and skin color; reports on the reaction of her parents and the media when the project was banned by her school.

Beyond the Fire

Tells the real life stories of 15 teenagers, now living in the US, who have lived through war in seven different war zones.

Games for Change

Directory of links to games for kids and teens which focus on human rights, economics, public health, poverty, conflict, politics, environment and other issues.

Green Board

Social networking site where young environmentalists can share ideas and plans for action.


Teaches young people about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect. Find an overview of projects and get into animal-related issues.


Supports free speech and exposes censorship. Offers news, censorship IQ quiz, kids' opinions and comments, and how to help fight censorship.

People Like Us

Explores the concept of social class in America, using film clips, stories, games and activities.

Planet Tolerance

Online community that advocates anti-bias and provides ideas, print materials, and articles.

Race: The Power of Illusion

Contains timelines and activities aimed at making viewers question how valid their race assumptions are.

Why Is My Loyalty Questioned?

Thinkquest site comparing and contrasting the treatment of Japanese-Americans following Pearl Harbor and that of Arab-Americans following 9/11. Discusses how children can play a part in reducing prejudice of all kinds.

Youth at the Millennium

Symposium held in Kyoto in 1999; contains text of submissions from young people covering a wide variety of global issues.


Provides information and resources about global issues. Features research, news, discussions, and related multimedia.

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