Alternative News

The Alternative Information Center

Provides information, political advocacy, critical analysis, and grassroots activism centered around the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and societies.

Alternative Press Center

A non-profit collective dedicated to providing access to and increasing public awareness of the alternative press.


Features stories from alternative newsweeklies, magazines, and web publications from across the country.

Axis of Logic

Alternative news presented by a group of volunteer writers and editors living in Venezuela, the USA and Ontario.

Multimedia and news site focusing on unusual and unexplained subjects that are often ignored or insufficiently covered by mainstream media.


Providing access to up-to-date alternative news.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Features analysis of media coverage of Yugoslavia and the Balkans.


Magazine offering articles on issues in society, ecology, health, humanity, finance, media, events, and politics.

Four Winds 10

Provides alternative news and information on various topics and presents unpublished Phoenix journals banned by the US courts.

From the Wilderness

Reports issues and matters on oil and energy concerns of the country. Includes updates, headlines, archives, and newsletters.


Online news source that compiles updates and other fresh current affairs information from Twitter posts.

Global Aware Independent Media

Repository of photos, videos, information, news, and analysis on social and environmental justice concerns. Resources are focused for the activists and global organizations.

Guerilla News

Working to expose people to global issues through guerrilla programming through music videos, articles, and investigative reports.

Guerilla News Network

Independent news source headquartered in New York City. Posts global news articles and video clips, and offers blogs from the editors.

Hang the Bankers

Created to raise the consciousness of the public to what is truly going on in the world.

Global network featuring breaking news, criticism, and investigative reporting from organizations.

New Pages

News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary periodicals, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.

News Alternative

Alternative, non-mainstream news source covering the whole of Asia. With analyses and videos.

Next Media Animation

Taiwan-based media company specializing in news and current affairs information presented through humorous CGI animations.

Progress Report

Non-profit organization that publishes articles, news, and updates on issues concerning justice and related matters. Highlights archives and links.

Alternative news source posting breaking news and multimedia clips.

Independent news and comment on what's new.

Todays Alternative News

Offers eye witness reports, interviews, on-the-street accounts, and other alternative news sources.

World Reviews

Presents comprehensive background of the company that aims to promote freelance writers and journalists. Content focuses on reviews on food, politics, society, arts, fashion, and games.


Great way to discover interesting articles on the internet that you might not normally find.


Alternative media with articles on politics, international relations, ecology, economics, and strategies.

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