Participatory Media

43 Things

Social networking site crated to facilitate information and knowledge sharing.

The Active Recipient: Participatory Journalism Through the Lens of the Dewey-Lippmann Debate

Text of the paper by Hermida, et al, presented to the International Symposium on Online Journalism.

Al Jazeera Transparency Unit (AJTU)

Aims to mobilize their audience in the Arab world and further afield to submit stories, photos, and audio/video clips, for editorial review and possible broadcast.

Citizen's journalism page intended for the locals of Maryland and Virginia. Contains local news, events, photos, and advertisement postings.

The Bakersfield Voice

Print and online citizen journalism paper covering the community, with featured stories, recent articles, and contribution guides.

News directory and online venue for sharing and discussing various current affairs subjects.

Broken Sidewalk

Citizen journalism site covering the Louisville, Kentucky area.


Online newspaper that gives opportunities for US readers and writers to contribute their articles covering current events.

Citizens' Eye

A platform for citizen journalists; includes links to local chapters around the world, with their news, photographs, and videos.

CNN iReport

Citizen journalism initiative of the news network owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Accepts and presents unedited submissions of stories, photos, and videos of breaking news.


Provides weekly publications and photo coverages of events in the region, for purposes of informative journalism and updates for the communities in the locality.


A user-powered service that tracks voices of dissent and protest from around the world; a project of, a grassroots digital network using new media to support voices against oppression in the Middle East, North Africa, and globally.

The Daily Acts

Citizen journalism newspaper that features user-submitted news content.


An international citizen journalism website and photo agency, which facilitates access to the mainstream media for freelance and amateur journalists.

European Institute for Participatory Media

Non-profit organization furnishes background, definitions, research, services, network details, and news.

Feed the Bull

User-generated news site dedicated to stock market, finance, and economy related topics.

France 24 - The Observers

A collaborative website and TV programme on France 24 that covers international current affairs by using eyewitness accounts from "Observers".

Global Voices

Citizens' media resource site offering free and open-source tools that promote freedom of information and expression.

Ground Report

Combines digital reporting, hierarchical journalism, and network of over 7,000 contributing reporters.


Alternative site maintained by the people of Brattleboro, Vermont contains news updates on different local events and a communal forum.


Provides news, updates, and information on technology and culture. News Forum

Member-posted news articles, columns, and commentary from major services and sources. Covers registration, posting, FAQs, rules, and latest posts.

Meri News

News organization in India that allows the public users and media professionals to express thoughts and sentiments over issues concerning the country through online debate and discussions.

Muncie Free Press

Grassroots journalism for the Delaware County of Indiana. Includes news, classifieds, opinion articles, and a media gallery.


News community particularly created for organizers, activists, and students.

Continuously public-updated resource offering local and world news, tech and health updates, odd reports, and more.

Crowd-powered media provides news and reports on local events, politics, entertainment, people, and other topics of interest.

Ohmy News International

Online newspaper promoting citizen or participatory journalism. Features articles written by freelance contributors.

The Ononeon

Participatory aggregate that culls the internet for true but fake sounding stories.

Participatory Journalism

Official website of the book "Participatory Journalism: Guarding Open Gates at Online Newspapers." Presents a table of contents, reviews, and author information.

Participatory Media Literacy

Provides information on forms of participatory media, including blogging, wiki, social bookmarking, digital video and storytelling, and forecasting.

Pegasus News

Compiles news of the DFW area, including community contributions. Explores news, events, dining, music, arts, and sports.

Poynter: The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism

Explores how publishers, editors, and news organizations can implement and employ the concept, from minimal to full involvement.


Site featuring fan-generated sport news articles and opinions.


Posts reader-contributed stories, news, and photos for voting and ranking.


Personalized breaking news. Includes ability to submit, publishing details, comments, and voting.

University Chic

Online magazine by and for university women. Features campus social news, advice, tips, and study abroad insights.

What is Participatory Journalism?

Explores the blurring line between journalism and personal publishing, with definitions and examples.

Online community for sharing stories, photos, and blogs. Also facilitates community information searches.

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