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Personalized news and information portal powered by Includes games, maps, and slideshows.


News aggregator site allows for the creation of a personalized news portal.


Source for creating a customized newspaper. Unfiltered news from a variety of sources, just choose which ones to receive.


Personalized news service specially designed to integrate journalism, technology, and community.


Typographic news explorer that offers a unique way to read the news. Created by Brendan Dawes.


Provides a free account with which one can specify interests to receive personalized news and relevant stories.


Personalized news, updates, and other information on what is happening in a particular neighborhood.


Personalized news service recommends current news that are based articles read by the subscriber in the past.

Google News

Personalize how the news is viewed by dragging and dropping sections.


Allows users to customize their news feeds and have them delivered via web, email, mobile device, and widgets.

Offers free personalized daily news covering business, finance, computing, health, sports, technology, and world affairs.


Delivers daily easy-to-read newsletters with headlines, top stories, and marketing communications.


News aggregator for trending topics and general news stories.


Tool for personalizing news searches and subscriptions, includes blogs and other media sources.

News Hub

Learn about the advantages of using this customizable news sourcing utility.


Compiles news in various subjects and categories. Also features videos and trivia.


Enables users to create their own newspapers using content from top news sources online.


Presents publicly published news or updates about specific people or popular personalities.


News video aggregator compiles clips from various online sources including CNN, ABC News, BBC, and Al Jazeera.


Allows users to aggregate only the news wanted from various sources on the web in a single place.

Content gathering service lets people publish and share newspapers customized to their interests.


Source for rating and determining what news is important.

Personalized news source where conservative views are highlighted for family, health, politics, and business.


Online service for picking or aggregating news feeds limited to those that are deemed to be closest to what a user finds most relevant or interesting.


News and content aggregator that can be customized to find personalized topics.


Collects weather, map, tweets, meetups, events, images, and YouTube videos for cities around the world.

News portal with feeds from a variety of sites, including Time, Digg, CBS, and Yahoo.


User-created communities, connections, and articles on a variety of topics, including world news, politics, technology, food, travel, health, and videos.

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