Antiques Antiques

Offers information about antique valuing and pricing, articles about various types of antiques, beginners guide, care and repair tips, and buying advice and resources.

Antiques and the Arts

Compilation of articles and information focused on antiques and the arts. TheBeeAntiques

Antiques Australia

Offers a guide to finding antiques in Australia; including business listings and customer reviews.

The Antiques Forum

Discussions about and one-stop shopping for various antiques including furniture, glassware, and art.

Appraisal Day

Information on getting antiques appraised along with information regarding where to auction them.

DeBence Antique Music World

Showcases a variety of antique musical instruments and devices including phonographs, music boxes, jukeboxes, and nickelodeons.

Early Office Museum

Displays and details of equipment used in offices back to the late 1800s, including adding machines, typewriters, copying machines, seal presses, pens and pencils, and communications equipment.

Enigma Museum

Company devoted to locating, restoring, preserving, and trading German Enigma machines as well as antique cipher, telegraph, scientific, and communications devices.


Community-driven information and appraisal site for antiques, collectibles, and artworks. Helps collectors or enthusiasts determine the value or learn about the history of their items. instappraisal


Gallery features a wide range of antique furniture and artworks. MallettAntiques

Miller's Antiques & Collectables Price Guide

Offers information about various antiques, articles, books, related news, and a dealers and auctioneers finder. Also features a dictionary of antique-related jargon. millersantiques


Antiques research site offering a searchable online database of past antique, collectible, and fine art auction prices. Also presents forthcoming auctions.

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