About: Birding or Wild Birds

Contains information about bird behavior, with photos and articles. Also includes guidelines in caring for baby birds.

Bird Families of the World

Provides list of the various kinds of birds, with details on families of origin and characteristics. Also includes photo gallery and reference links.


Active community of birding enthusiasts featuring lively discussion, bird information, and photo galleries. birdforum


Offers resources for bird watching enthusiasts and includes information on birds, behaviors and habitat.

Birding Hotspots Around the World

Provides list of birding hotspots around the world; includes pictures of bird species from different countries.

Birding on the Net

Features mailing lists, photo galleries, and links to other sites devoted to birding.


Contains guides and tour recommendations for bird watching around the world. With resource links.

BUBO Listing

Allows birders to record, share, and compare bird lists for any location worldwide.

Crossley Books

Presents the books of Richard Crossley, a birder and photographer. Includes videos, testimonials, blogs, and artwork. CrossleyIDGuide


Offers web based birding software allowing users to track local bird sightings.

Eremaea Birds

Offers a birding atlas to which users can contribute. Contains sections on finding a bird, a trip planner, species list, and statistics.

Fat Birder

Information on birding with a focus on the UK. Provides users with news, information, and articles.

International Migratory Bird Day

Group celebrating the migration of birds. Site offers information on the group, a calendar of events, and migratory details. EFTA4

Ocean Wanderers

Articles related to the behavior and habitat of birds and marine wildlife; includes reviews and photos.


Provides a search database for birds and birding, with images and resource links included.


Resource site for international birding, which provides articles regarding the Atlantic bird species. Contains list of resources, links, and photo galleries. Surfbirds

Galleries of birds by area, news, articles, and information on bird watching around the world. Surfbirds


Chronicles reports on rare birds around the world. Also contains insights for conservation and preservation.

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