Food and Drink

Bon Appétit

Monthly food and entertaining magazine. Features recipes, how-to guides, and articles on entertaining and style, travel and restaurants, drinks, and health. bonappetit

Canadian Lentils

Promotes the use of Canadian lentils with recipes and nutritional information. CdnLentils

Culinary portal with searchable recipes from around the world, forum discussions, news headlines, articles, food reviews, and streaming video.

Disney Food

Offers healthy food information and recipes for those who cook for kids and picky eaters. Also features party food and ideas for entertaining.

Eat The Seasons

Offers seasonal recipes, tips, and information about the foods that are currently in season.

The Edible Journey Through China

Features Chinese food and its customs. Includes an information center and a search engine.

eGullet Forums

Foodie discussion forum, run by the Society for Culinary Arts and Letters.

Food Reference

Food articles, facts and trivia, kitchen tips, food quotes, recipes, cooking schools, and additional resources.

Food Site Magazine

Recipes include shots, virgins, layered, martinis, and gourmet drinks. With comments and food book reviews. mmartind


The Toronto based campaign of "My Food My Way" promotes this puppet message maker as a way of promoting the culture of food. Foodagram

Gourmet Origins

Explores the origins of thousands of regional foods, as well as the people that create them. gourmetorigins


Food or dining based way of meeting new people. Connects random people from random places through dinners and gastronomical experiences.

Museum of Food Anomalies (MoFA)

Bills itself as an "online exhibit of Regular Food Gone Horribly Wrong". Includes hundreds of photos and descriptions of conjoined, creepy, and otherwise malformed food items. feed:

Never Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Like Garlic

Provides information about garlic, with stories and contact details.

Nutrition for Everyone

Information on how eating a variety of fruit and vegetables can greatly improve health.


Features Pop Tarts and interactive activities, and promotions archive. poptarts411

Queen of Quince

All things quince and Armenian, from Barbara Ghazarian, including recipes, blog, upcoming appearances, and online sales of her cookbooks.

Sally's Place

News, shopping, reviews, recipes, and travel related information.

Shelf Life Advice

Provides shelf life and storage information for any food. ShelfLifeAdvice


Contains information about the product, recipes, healthy living, citrus and products, and more. Sunkist

Supermarket Guru

Contains updates of the latest food and health news, and regular features. Includes related links and contact information. phillempert

Umami Information Center

Presents a definition of UMAMI, news updates, recipes, publications, and registration information.


Learn all about the benefits of eating watermelon, its nutrition, history and origin, and other fun facts. All4Watermelon

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