Ask an Expert


A volunteer-run, expert website provides help with art, news, travel and culture, education, literature, technology, careers, and more. able2know

All Experts

Free question and answer site with volunteers waiting to answer user submitted questions.

The Answerbank

Online question and answer site with a UK focus. Users can both pose and answer questions across a wide variety of categories. answerbank

AOL Answers

Questions and answers site enables the sharing of knowledge, information, and opinions.

Ask an Expert Sources

List of experts in various subject areas and specific careers so K-12 students can have direct access to experts in fields of individual interest.

Ask the Inventors

Inventor resource allowing newcomers to ask experienced inventors questions.


Source for free expert legal advice from highly rated lawyers. avvo

Difference Between

Provides articles on the difference between two items, such as "alcohol and water", "Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access", "Sumerians and Egyptians", and many other subjects. differenceb


Offers free education and school advising services on a variety of topics.


Online marketplace for expert advice and consultancy. Helps connect professional advisors with those who need their services. Presents expert profiles with accompanying ratings and credentials.

Answers to questions on using Excel with video tutorials and Excel mathematical formula guides.

Explainia Animated Explanations

Offers interactive tutorials, instructional videos, and animated movies for a large variety of topics. explania


Offers how-to videos and articles on a variety of subjects such as business and finance, mind and body, and sports and fitness. Howcast


Answers questions on a large variety of topics such as how to throw a party, what trees to plant, and should I homeschool?

Limbido Guru

Questions and answers site particularly intended for mothers and mothers-to-be on topics such as fertility, childbirth, and post-birth topics.


Location-based question and answer site. Allows users to ask and share information about various places. Requires sign-in via Facebook.


Enables users to send questions directly to people who have hands-on experience with exactly the product, service, or place of interest. maxperiencehq

Pic Answers

Offers an online question and answer service based on photos displayed.

Question and answer reference community ranging in topics from food to finance.


Online Q&A knowledge database with social networking elements. Allows users to post or answer questions across a huge variety of topics.


Offers advice and how-to instructions in video format. Covers a variety of subjects, including technology, health, sports, leisure, and love.

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