Business Dictionaries

AmosWEB GLOSS*arama

Searchable compilation of various economic terms and concepts with their respective definitions or meanings.

Dictionary Of Occupational Titles

Downloadable and searchable dictionary of occupational titles.

DLC Business Glossary

Definitions of various business terms used in compensation and benefits administration.

Forecasting Dictionary

Presents definitions for various economic terms, abbreviations, and acronyms.

Foreign/International Trade Terms

Online resource serving as a global commerce and trading dictionary.

Glossary of Error-Proofing Terms

Provides definitions to terms associated with error or mistake proofing; compiled by John R. Grout.

MBA Jargon Watch

Online guide to business jargon and management stock phrases.

NY Times: Glossary of Financial and Business Terms

Search for related terms by letter.

Unsuck It

Allows users to enter a business phrase they do not understand, and then returns the definition in plain English. Also allows them to add the definition if it's not available. Business A to Z

Cross-referenced and searchable compilation of definitions to over 1250 business terms.

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