Medical Dictionaries

Brain Injury Glossary of Terms

Alphabetical listing of brain injury related terms with their respective definitions.

Diabetes Dictionary

Online terminology guide derived from the original Diabetes Dictionary of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease.

Dorland's Online Dictionary

Comprehensive medical dictionary with an online store. Requires registration for full access.

English-Chinese Medical Dictionary

Medical terms resource useful to professionals and the general public. Chinese characters in the site are presented in GIF.

Genome Glossary

Dictionary of genetic terms from the DOE Human Genome Program.

Glossary of Eye Care Terms

Brief definitions for eye care related terminologies presented by alphabetical order.

Glossary of Eye Terminology

Excerpt from Dictionary of Eye Terminology covers common terms, anatomy, tests, conditions, refractive errors, and surgical procedures.

HON Allergy Glossary

Alphabetical appellation and medical terms.

MedBioWorld: Reference Tools Links

Links to glossaries and dictionaries, by subject. Includes medicine, biochemistry, psychiatry, ophthalmology, radiology, anatomy, oncology, chemistry, and virology.

Medical Dictionary

Medical Dictionary with over 22,000 medical and health related terms.

The Medical Dictionary

Online health and medicine reference providing information on a multitude of diseases and prescription drugs.

Medical Dictionary Online

Free online medical dictionary providing definitions for pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, health conditions, medical devices, specialty terms, and abbreviations.

Medical Terminology and Cancer

Introduction to cancer-related medical terminology looks at child and adult cancers, basic terms, acronyms, and information on individual systems of the body.

MedicinePlus: Medical Dictionary

Online search for words and even if unsure of the spelling, will search by first few letters.

MediLexicon: Medical Dictionary

Searchable dictionary includes definitions, explanations, pronunciations, and abbreviations.

MedTerms Medical Dictionary

Offers a medical dictionary of popular medical terms.

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