Performing Arts Dictionaries

A Glossary Of Belly Dance Terms

Presents an oriental perspective to languor dissection, lexical coining, and song titles in belly dancing.

Ballet Dictionary

Interactive resource designed to bring the knowledge or concepts of ballet dancing accessible to everyone.

Ballet Terms A to Z

Provides extensive definitions to a number of ballet dancing terms, as well as information on the origin of the words listed.

Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory

Musical term listings, discussions, and articles in alphabetical order.

Music Dictionary Online

Explanations to general and specialist terms depicted in musical scores, concert programs, dance, performances, and other musical presentations.

Tap Dance Dictionary

Documents the various terms used in the practice of modern tap dance - likewise yielding a wealth of clues to the origin of percussive dance in America.

Large collection of words and their meanings as used in the theater parlance. With search bars that allow for word, letter, category, or random entry lookup.

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary

Compilation of music terminologies with associated AIFF files that serve as pronunciation guides.

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