K-12 Home Schooling

Apricot Pie

Gathering of homeschool students, homeschool graduates, essays, poems, fiction, galleries, and message boards.

Bella Online Homeschooling

Offering articles, discussions, online store, exchange, methods, issues, and support groups.

Best Homeschooling

Offering articles, college & career information, online tutorials, and resources galore.

Big Red House Homeschool Online

Developers of curriculum for Christian homeschoolers and gifted students.

Brave Writer Moms

Offering support for those who have read The Writing Jungle and want to implement the methods of this book.

Carol's Corner on the Web

Providing tips and resources for teaching children ADHD.

Donna Young Printables and Resources

Providing forms, help, planners, forums, book reviews, email list, worksheets for every subject.

Easy Fun School

Offering over 1500 articles, resources and unit studies for homeschoolers.

Eclectic Homeschool Online

Offering subscriptions, community, support, resources, articles, reviews, shopping and directory.

Everything Homeschool

Features a personal take on homeschooling, with articles and photos.

Family Learning Organization

Providing testing, services, articles, advice and support.


Offering free hosting, family camp, unit studies, articles, email groups.


Homeschool network for choosing curriculum, dealing with teens, and determining learning style.

The Felt Source

Offering educational, play time and Bible sets.

Free World U

Provides a free online educational program for grades K through 12 with a mission to someday provide free education through the university level.


Provides advice, recommendations and information about homeschooling.

Gill Family Homeschooling

Offering articles and essays on homeschooling.

Heart of Wisdom

Offering reasons to homeschool, unit studies, free downloads, resources, approaches, support, organizational tools and the history of education.

Home School Freedom

Provides links, articles and statements thatpromote the freedom of homeschooling.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Presenting information, issues, legislation, speakers, state laws, programs, publications, membership, research, and an online bookstore.

The Home School Mom

Presenting a newsletter, teacher's lounge, getting organized, in the kitchen, journal, news, homeschool planner and contests.

Home School World

Offering Practical Homeschooling magazine, mail catalog, articles, experts, contests, events, groups, forum, and DVD's. Also find information about Home School Legal Defense Association.


Offering articles, news, support network and Royal Academy.

Homefires: The Journal of Homeschooling Online

Offering facts about homeschooling, support, curriculum ideas, workshops, carschooling, store and resources.

Homeschool Associates

Offering books, materials, diplomas, transcripts, newspaper, radio show, support and curriculum design.

Homeschool Central

Offering resources, support groups, other countries information, message boards, other organizations, classifieds, how to start. Also, special needs information, colleges and home finances.

Homeschool Connection

Offering educational toys, games, puzzles, curriculum, reviews, parenting helps, classroom decorations, seminars and support groups.

Homeschool For Me

Offering support for those who believe homeschooling is the best educational choice.

Homeschool Free

Offering CDs, articles, books, daily tips, stickers, gifts, news, and posters.

Homeschool Helper

Offering forums, math lessons, worksheets, puzzles, books, and homework help.

Homeschool Math

Offering teaching tips, worksheets, online flashcards and games, resources and interactive tutorials.

Homeschool Oasis

Offering help, refreshment, articles, books, lifestyle of learning, online catalog, and recipes.

Homeschool Today

Providing a magazine, resources, articles, breaking news, and upcoming events.

Homeschool Tracker

Offering downloads for record keeping, free basic edition, plus edition, support and discussion group.

The Homeschool Zone

Shares ideas and printable teaching tools, such as flashcards for shapes, numbers, letters, and colors. Includes coloring pages and puzzles.


Providing a newsletter, tip of the week, support groups, message boards, kits, supplies, online courses, and articles.

HomeSchooler's College Guide

Presenting calendar planner, money for college, gaining admission, testing, transcript and record keeping.


Offering basics, state information, free printables, course of study, resources, lessons, articles, laws, and socialization.

Homeschooling Adventures

Presents worksheets, lesson plans, activities, and laws.

Homeschooling Network Community

Providing community and social networking features for homeschooling families around the world.

Homeschooling on a Shoestring

Providing methods, groups, discounts, common cents, recipes, forums and classifieds.

Homeschooling Parent

Offering a guide to homeschool friendly colleges and universities, family travel, articles, and surveys.


Providing a bookstore, articles, classroom, tutoring, legislative information, news and support groups.

HS One and Only

Offering support for those who are homeschooling one child or who are considering this endeavor.


Providing blogs, advice, articles, bookstore, used curriculum and free newsletter.

Ignite the fire!

Offering the fire, the wood, the oxygen, the sparks, the fuel, free firewood, workshops, product reviews, favorite books and testimonials.

iHomeschool Network

Online network aimed at connecting homeschool companies, bloggers, and the educational community.

Jeannie Fulbright's Homeschool and Science

Information and reviews on the Jeannie Fulbright Science courses published by Apologia. With homeschooling tips and tricks.

Jon's Homeschool Resources

Offering classified ads, support groups, handbook, mailing lists, chats, and articles.

Kinza Academy

Offering curriculum, bookstore, schools, religion and advisory board.

Learn in Freedom

Presenting colleges that admit homeschoolers, how to learn any subject at home, articles and research.

Lifeway Homeschool

Offering articles, resources, getting started, high school, curriculum, legal issues, special needs and encouragement.

Love to Learn

Offering an online curriculum guide, catalog, articles, email list and newsletter.

Meet Me At The Corner

Virtual field trips for children ages 7-13 offers a series of free educational video podcasts plus a learning corner of questions and activities.

Mid West Homeschool Convention

Profiles this annual homeschool convention with details of speakers, children's program, teen track and exhibitors.

The Moore Foundation and Academy

Offering research articles, Elijah award, online catalog and seminars.

National Black Home Educator's Resource Association

Offering news, events, getting started, quarterly publication and networking.

National Home Education Research Institute

Providing research papers, online store, mailing list, and calendar of events.

National Public Internet Homeschool

Featuring Camp Internet Homeschool Center, free studies in history, science, math, reading, writing and literature.

New Horizons Home School Academy

Offers nationally accredited elementary and secondary schooling solutions, both on-campus and off-campus, plus home study programs.


Education resource provider that provides parents and teachers' tools for successful homeschooling.

Rushton Family Ministries

Offering blog, newsletter, romance toolbox, homemade books, e-books, e-zines, articles and discussion board.

The Tanglewood School

Offering free homeschool plan for grades 1 through 8. Also find free curriculum and booklists.


Interactive community dedicated to homeschool, learning differences and parenting.

Unitarian Universalist Homeschoolers

Offering mission, community, calendar, resources, publications, kid's section, email lists, support groups, and articles.

Vegsource Homeschool

Offering forums for all philosophies, for sale and wanted boards, clothing swap, postcard exchange, home school events, and holiday gift ideas.

Virtual Homeschool Group

Offering free book clubs, courses, and classes to the homeschool community.

Wisdom's Gate Home School Digest

Offering an encouraging word, magazines, catalog and other resources.

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