Animated Knots

App created to present knot tying for boating, climbing, fishing, scouting, and search and rescue purposes. animatedknots

Chinese Knotting Home Page

Information and instruction on the creation of several Chinese knots.

Ian’s Shoelace Site

Gives 18 different ways to tie shoelaces, as well as shoelace tips, answers to frequently asked questions and links.

Knot Tying DVD

Get this two-hour video that teaches 47 knots and six splices.


Illustrates some useful knots used in securing fishing lines.

Knots on the Web

Presents a large collection of knotting resources.

Knots: How to Tie Knots

Contains descriptions and illustrations on tying over 35 knots.

The Knotting Dictionary of Kännet

Offers a large collection of common and less common knots. Includes drawings and user comments.

Knotwork from Sibbo

Offers a gallery and information on decorative knotwork and braiding from Sibbo, a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers.

Illustrates and describes fishing knots as well as other essential rope knots for boating, paddling, and other outdoor activities.

Notable Knot Index

Provides a gallery of illustrations for loops and nooses, bends, hitches and other knot information.

The Rope People

Site contains information on the history and uses of knots, animated illustrations in tying knots, a glossary and links.

Ropers Knots Page

Large directory of knot information and resources.

The Ruckus Society

Climbers knot manual includes an introduction to knotting terminology, fisherman's knot, single bowline, prusik knot, hitches and water knot details and drawings.

Scouting Resources: Knots

Downloadable illustrations of the most common knots used in scouting.

Six Exploding Knots

Illustrations of six hitches that untie easily and completely with one tug of the ripcord.

Surgical Knot Tying Manual

Teaching aid about surgical knots for medical students. Discusses knot structure, knot performance and tying techniques in PDF format.

What Knots Should I Know?

Provides detailed pictorials and comments with a new fast way of tying a slipped constrictor.

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